1944 SHAEF Norfolk House & War Office directories

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  1. MMImedia

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    Where can directories for SHAEF in Norfolk House and the War Office in 1944 be found?

    Specifically, I am looking for the office housed in Room 523 in Norfolk House, 1944, a time when SHAEF was headquartered there.

    WHITEHALL 9400, extension 110. WHITEHALL 9400 was the War Office Signal Office in 1944. What office answered Extension 110?
  2. Little Friend

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    I took some photographs of a few memorials to SHAEF in Bushy Park (London) a couple of years ago. I believe there was some confusion at the time as to the exact location for these headquarters. Bushy, near Watford was supposed to be the intended site for this. Or something along those lines...
  3. MMImedia

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    In January to March 1944, SHAEF was headquartered in Norfolk House in Westminster. Eisenhower moved the headquarters to Bushy Park in March 1944 but I am seeking information on the office, number 523, in Norfolk House, as well as the office connected to the WHITEHALL telephone extension.

    This might be found in directories for SHAEF and the War Office for 1944, but where are those directories?
  4. Brian Smith

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    Just a thought but have you tried contacting Norfolk House directly, sometimes old documents can be stored for years. Brian

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