194138 Denys William ENGLAND, MC, 150 Railway Construction Company, Royal Engineers - Polish WDs?

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    Service Number 194138
    Died 21/08/1944
    Aged 26
    150 Rly. Constr. Coy., Royal Engineers
    M C
    Son of Charles L. and Alice England, of Beckenham, Kent. B.Sc., Hons. (Engr.) (Glasgow).
    Location: Italy
    Number of casualties: 3992
    Cemetery/memorial reference: I. J. 1.
    See cemetery plan
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    Personal Number: 194138
    Rank: Captain
    Name: Denys William ENGLAND
    Unit: Royal Engineers

    London Gazette : 29 July 1941
    The undermentioned Cadets, from O.C.T.U., to be 2nd Lts. 22nd June 1941 : —
    Denys William ENGLAND (194138).

    London Gazette : 19 April 1945
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Italy:—
    The Military Cross.
    Captain (temporary) Denys William England (194138), Corps of Royal Engineers (Beckenham) (since killed in action).
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    War Diaries held at Kew:

    150 Railway Construction Company Royal Engineers | The National Archives
    Reference: WO 167/945
    150 Railway Construction Company Royal Engineers
    Date: 1939 Sept.-1940 June

    ROYAL ENGINEERS: COMPANIES: 150 Railway Construction Company. | The National Archives
    Reference: WO 166/3636
    ROYAL ENGINEERS: COMPANIES: 150 Railway Construction Company.
    Date: 1940 July - 1941 Dec.

    Royal Engineers: 150 Railway Construction Company (RE Rly Constr Coy) | The National Archives
    Reference: WO 169/10620
    Royal Engineers: 150 Railway Construction Company (RE Rly Constr Coy)
    Date: 1943 July- Dec.

    However although this is for Italian Theatre, I can't be sure if this refers to same unit:

    Companies: 150 Coy. | The National Archives
    Reference: WO 170/1640
    Companies: 150 Coy.
    Date: 1944 Jan.- Dec.
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    Thank you so much for getting this Thread started for me.
    If anyone has any information on Denys I would very much appreciate it.
    He was my mum's cousin and died along with his brother John in Italy in 1944 and I would like to trace their progress during the campaign.
    Along with all the information above i have found the following roll of honour.
    with the inscription:

    This was dedicated by Lieutenant-General Sir Scott Grant, KCB, Chief
    Royal Engineer, on 3rd November 2002 at a service at Kidderminster on the Severn Valley Railway, conducted by the Reverend James Symonds. Two Books of Remembrance were also dedicated. These are held in the Royal Engineers Museum at Brompton Barracks, Chatham and the Museum of Army Transport at Beverley.

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    Attached is a link to: RAILWAY RECONSTRUCTION ITALY
    SEPTEMBER 1943 - JANUARY 1946
    Published by Royal Engineers 1946.

    It is very comprehensive and chapters I & II are hyperlinked for immediate viewing.
    Chapter II Descriptive Account of Railway Construction Activities Includes:-
    Section III. Railway Construction considered in relation to the ultimate Railway system
    on Lines 86, 89, 90, 50, 65, 87, 91, 217/8.

    The information provided includes:-
    Line Description - From where & where to.
    Demolition - Track & Structure damage.
    Repair of the Line - Unit employed, Type of Bridge, Period of reconstruction.

    The information provided is very specific and very detailed including drawings & photographs of damage and repairs in progress and completed.

    Chapter IV and beyond is not hyperlinked and is my area of particular interest, as Denys's role involved reconnaissance, scale of destruction, and damage assessment much of which was carried out in volatile forward areas.
    If anyone knows of a fully hyperlinked copy I'd be very interested in viewing it.
    My understanding is a copy is held at the museum, however it is currently closed.

    Link: www.trenidicarta.it - Railway reconstruction Italy September 1943- January 1946

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    We have ascertained that Captain England was killed near the port of Pesaro whilst out on reconnaissance on the 21/08/19.

    He was buried where he fell due to the sensitivity of the area, by his Commanding Officer Major Olditch and members of his company who found him sometime later.

    He was moved to Cassino Cemetary and reburied on the 25/6/45 and it stated in the concentration report the 'previously buried site' was listed under report:-

    If anyone can help me find out where this file is kept and how to access it I'd very much appreciate it.
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    Hello David,

    I subggest you contact CWGC via their website. They will tell you where he was collected from. (The file was produced by the 19th Grave Registration Unit)

  10. David Elwood

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    Hello Vitellino,

    Thank you for responding so quickly I really appreciate it, and the information.

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    Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 16.45.47.png
    Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 16.45.25.png
    Aberdeen Press & Journal 5th September 1944

    Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 16.49.42.png
    Screenshot 2020-05-12 at 16.49.59.png
    Aberdeen Press & Journal Friday 18th January 1946
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    Guy, thank you so much for putting this on Denys's thread.
    The picture they are saying is Denys is actually of John (who died in the assault on Monte Piccolo on 28/05/44) but the information is correct.
    Denys was carrying out reconnaissance near Pesaro on the 21/08/44.
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    In your research, have you ever come across any mention of repairs to the Allerona Railway bridge which crossed the River Paglia 9km north of Orvieto?


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    I think it was a repair of a viaduct.

    Figure 45. - Line 65. Paglia Viaduct at Km. 134.1 between Orvieto and Allerona. The repair, using German R.S.Js, was carried out by 160 Railway Construction Coy., R.E., under Job Nº. 65/29 from 11 July 1944 to 9 August 1944.

  16. David Elwood

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    Thanks for listing the archives.
    The reconnaissance reports could be very interesting.

    Thank you

  17. minden1759

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    Well spotted. I missed that. I think that you have the right bridge.

    Do you have access to Figure 45?


  18. David Elwood

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    I have seen a couple of articles with regard to the train on the bridge, I hadn't realised it was on line 65.

    It looks like Alessandro (the hyperlinker) has stopped hyperlinking the images 1 track back from line 65!!

    He has just photographed Chapters IV & V for me, which I will be adding to the thread once he gives his permission to use it.

    I will see if he has figure 45 available.

    I see you have expertise with regard to the Gothic line.

    Denys was killed carrying out forward reconnaissance near Pesaro on the 21.08.44 am I correct in that the offensive didn't start until the 25/08/44?

    I appreciate Pesaro is a province however are you able to tell me when Pesaro town fell . I'm trying to piece together his movements.

    He was buried exactly where he fell, as it was too dangerous to retrieve his body at that point. He was reburied in 1945 alongside John in Cassino cemetary.

    Any information would be appreciated.


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    I owe you an apology!
    Having consulted with my brother and sister and re read the notes you are in fact absolutely right it is the correct picture of Denys in the Aberdeen press & Journal.

    Original and slightly better copy attached.

    Attached Files:

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    Thanks to Vitallino and the CWGC we now know
    Captain England died and was buried, next to the railway track at Regina Beach near Fano. He was less than a mile away from the Metauro Viaduct which I think he was doing reconnaissance on. His colleague L/Cpl Henwood was found 600 m closer to the bridge next to the road. This was 4 days before Operation Olive started on the 25th and they were therefore in a very advanced position. The II (PO) corps were fighting in this area prior to the main offensive on the same day (21/08/44). If there is anyone on the site who specialise's in the work the Polish forces did or know where their war diaries are held we'd very much appreciate the help. There are some diaries at the Polish Institute and Sikorski museum in London but not the ones I want which are for the 3 Carpathian Division & the 5 Kresowa Division.
    Thank you.
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