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    More detail now found on the Mustangs first arrival & evaluation in the UK in October 1941 & a possible connection between this and This however does not confirm any Orkney connection.

    Armament was fitted to the second aircraft off the production line (AG346).......... This aircraft was accepted by the RAF in September and started a long journey to Britain, finally arriving in Liverpool on October 24, 1941. It lacked a radio, a gunsight, and certain other equipment which was by contract to be supplied by British manufacturers. Once the British equipment was installed, the complete aircraft was evaluated at the Aeroplane & Armament Experimental Establishment at Boscome Down and by the Air Fighting Development Unit at RAF Duxford. Most of the first 20 RAF Mustang Is were retained for special measurements and trial installations.

    Tests at Boscombe Down took place January-July 1942.
    Mustang I Testing

    I notice from the history of 71 Squadron:
    Dec 1941: Rested & moved from North Weald, Essex to Martlesham Heath, Suffolk.
    May 1942: Moved to Debden, Essex.

    AAEE Boscombe Down is in Wiltshire & there is already a Wiltshire connection to Flying Officer John Flynn. From his USA death report of Nov 30th 1942 (post 33), I see his wife was advised at 41 Deansway, Chippenham, Wilts. This is aprox 20 miles from Boscombe Down, but also 15 miles from Filton Airfield in Bristol, near the Bristol Aircraft works, where before D Day in 1944 imported aircraft were assembled after import via Avonmouth Docks.

    1939 Register: 41 Deansway, Chippenham.
    BURDEN Leslie W. male born 31 Dec 1903 married Station Engineer Air Ministry Works D........ [covered up by tape]
    BURDEN Alison female born 12 Nov 1911 married unpaid domestic duties
    BURDEN Michael W. male born 15 May 1933 at school
    plus another person whose record is closed
    Leslie & Alison Burden appear on 3 online trees, which say her maiden name was Crooks & she was born in Melrose, Scotland.
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    Air Fighting Development Unit RAF Duxford
    As in post 61 this was one of the places where the Mustang aircraft was evaluated by the RAF.
    It is about 10 miles from Debden where 71 Squadron were posted May 1942, about 25 miles from North Weald where 71 Sq were stationed till Dec 1941, but 50 miles from Martlesham Heath.
    This may not mean much as there were many RAF airfields in that part of the country.

    Still no Orkney connection.
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    I now have information on the rest of the 1944 newspaper article on post 44 showing Mrs Clarice FLYNN's forthcoming marriage to Ian H. HAY.

    The full article starts by saying that Ian HAY had been secretary to Mr WILLINK, Minister of Health & ends giving more details of Ian's father Sir John HAY.

    Mr WILLINK is Sir Henry Urmston WILLINK MC PC KC (1894-1973) elected to Parliament in 1940, who was Minister for Health 1943-45 & had prev been from 1940 a special commissioner for the homeless.

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