1940 Tour De France

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    A rare image of the race ....


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    I see the guy in front is wearing the "gelbe trikot".:sign_question:
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    Had to give this one a bump.

    Hilarious :)
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    Thats what you call a jump start :lol:

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    "Well, Hans, I always say, it beats walking!"

    This thread though did make me wonder about what happened to the Tour during WW2. The organizers refused to cooperate with the Germans, so there was no Tour, although a right-wing paper organized a "Circuite de France" in 1942.

    Wikipedia says that after the war the magazine behind the tour, l'Auto, was closed for collaborating with the Germans - I wonder what that was, though, given that they wouldn't organize the Tour.
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    Little bit here.
    L'Équipe - Wikipedia
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    Thank you, now I understand! :)

    Did you see that (per wikipedia) in early 1940 there was a proposal for a Tour de France with teams from the British and French armed forces, including going past the Maginot Line? \

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