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  1. Hi all

    Beside the entry for one of my relatives on the 1939 Register, in the "See Instructions" column is written what looks like: "27-5-44" and below that "see (YASA- 1953 3 17) " Would anyone know any more information about this or what it could stand for? I have checked lists of WW2 acronyms and so on, but no luck yet. The entry is for a male, 27 years old at the time that the register was taken, married and not yet in the military on that date.

    Many thanks
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    Hi Thomas

    Always best to upload the image you are refering to so that members can see it in context, they may also read it differently to you.

    Do you have the details of the relative so that some can look it up for themselves??

  3. Hi, have just uploaded the image, thanks so much
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    I don't know if you are aware, but the 1939 Register became the de-facto NHS register, hence you may find all sorts of entries that were made post war, e.g. the married name for what was a spinster when the register was created.
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  5. Could 1953317 possibly be a service number for the Royal Engineers?

    thanks all
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    It could possibly be the date 17th Mar 1953

    Whats his name and date of birth - personally I would like to see the whole page

    Was he in the RE - or is that a guess? - if you want to know about his military history then apply for his service records the link is Requests for personal data and service records: a detailed guide

  7. thanks for replying.

    Just a guess at this stage that he was in the RE because of the service number sequence.

    I'll post the whole 1939 register entry below.

    thanks again
  8. Tricky Dicky

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    Well it seems that something happened on the 27th May 1944, as the records states :

    See (YASA - 1955317) - unfortunately I cannot find a definition as to what YASA is, although I guess it would be some governmental/register reference for something important, I dont think its anything to do with the NHS as its too early.

    If he served then obtain his service records as these may say when he joined which may or may not correspond with May 1944, I am also thinking that at 32 years old (in 1944) why wasnt he called up before as his occupation would not at first glance appear to be 'reserved'

    Perhaps some further family digging involved, was he in the TA? did he have medical problems? it is still uncertain of he served or not, so that needs resolving before more guessing takes you off the right tracks.

  9. thanks for the reply

    You would definitely be right that the YASA would be a governmental/register reference. I wondered whether the "Y" could refer to him being ill or wounded because I think that was the symbol for that on a soldier's record?

    He wasn't in the TA and no known medical problems. I am pretty sure he was serving by July 1940 when his daughter was born - but yes, more family digging certainly warranted.

    thanks again
  10. Hi

    Just did a bit more delving and pretty sure that ASA refers to the district of St Pancras where the family was living by 1944.

    thanks for all your help
  11. Blutto

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    Enumeration codes are four letter codes, with St Pancras indeed starting with an A, as a search here will show: 1939 Register Browse | findmypast.co.uk

    However that doesn't explain the Y, so it may be a red herring.

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