193 HAA Battery of 82nd HAA Rgt Essex W.A.F.B Mason 879842 WAR DIARY

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    193 HAA Battery of 82nd HAA Rgt Essex W.A.F.B Mason 879842 WAR DIARY
    Norwegian campaign 24 Aug 1939 to 14 June 1940.

    I have transcribed my Grandfather's War diary 21 pages.
    I have tried to copy it word for word, including the spelling errors and inappropriate language.
    (My comments are in brackets.)
    I have a photocopy of the original which is too large to post on this site.
    I will post a lower resolution file at a later date.
    I think this will be of interest as it covers the 193 battery from Essex - Norwegian campaign 24 Aug 1939 to 14 June 1940.
    One of the casualties mentioned, R Greenway Gunner, is the topic of my previous post.

    Kind regards

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    Lotsa thanks!
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    You're welcome!
    Please message me if you are interested in the following:
    I have a photocopy of the original WD (too large to post), a few photographs taken by Grandad's friend who was a Southend newspaper Photographer, given permission to use his camera (including a blurred one of Churchill on their return) , plus I can refer you to the journalist I contacted re the grave of Gunner Greenway. The journalist was writing a book on Bardufoss during the campaign and has a lot of photos and documents.
    Kind regards
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    Very, very interesting.

    Anyone know how they would have "spiked" their guns during retreat?
    ...as in:-

    "...tonight at 9.45pm we left our guns site in covered lorries, we spiked our guns & damaged all stores"
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    Thank you for posting the diary. Your grandfather kept a good account of his service, and more than is said in the war diaries.

    He is so clear about the death & burial of Gunner Greenway that it leads you to only one conclusion, there must still be one of of our lads still out there unclaimed by CWGC.

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    I'm wondering if my dad was also part of the 82nd HAA regiment for a few months, leading up to their departure for Norway.

    In his words:-
    Towards the end of October 1939 the {QODY} regiment had to prepare for embarkation for overseas duty, hence the transfer of the ‘immature’ troops....I joined the 82nd Regiment.

    Initial training took place at the Crown public house dance hall in Crown Hill, Rayleigh. After that I joined a gun site at the Carpenters Arms in Rawreth, Rayleigh. This site was water logged and knee deep in stinking mud and was condemned. The guns had to be winched off the site.

    ...Early January 1940 the 82nd began mobilisation for overseas duty. So I was on my way once again, this time to join the 59th Regiment at Hadleigh.

    I see that 193 Battery were stationed at Butlers Farm Rochford, so its possible that my dad was in 156 or 256 Battery: 82nd (Essex) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery - Wikipedia

    Anyone know of their movements around 1939/1940?
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    ...I just pulled out dad's records and I can see "156/82" so he did join 156 Battery 82nd HAA Regt on 3-11-39 and was transferred out on 10-2-40.

    Again in my dad's words:-

    For Christmas 1939 I was on the beach at Langard Point Felixstowe.... Two men to a bathing hut!
    Heavy snow fall, we use to fill the iron wash bowl and stand it on a Valor oil stove. On looking back now, it was the only thing that saved us from being asphyxiated!

    So I guess 156 Battery were moved to Landguard Point from Rawreth during Nov/Dec 1940.

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