191st (Herts & Essex Yeomanry) Field Regiment RA nominal roll

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    As I have mentioned on other threads I have been pulling together a nominal roll of those who served in 191 over the period of its existence 1942 - 1944. So far I have 238 names (with varying degrees of detail for each) taken from the histories by Gee and Lamb, named photos etc. plus some lucky finds along the way. I list below those names.

    Purpose for posting is twofold:

    1. Can anyone provide any further names or sources for names to add to the list. I'd like to get this as complete as possible.

    2. If anyone is researching a particular name feel free to PM me and we can compare notes on them. As above the amount of info I have varies but am happy to help where I can.

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  2. Expat Yeoman

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    Gunner W R Aldridge
    Gunner Allen
    Sergeant Allinson
    Gunner H Allsop
    Gunner Aspden
    Gunner A Atkins
    Gunner A V Baker
    Sergeant H B Baker
    Gunner S E Baker
    L/Bombardier Bamborough
    Gunner Barrows
    Gunner G Barry
    Gunner Bartley
    Gunner J F Bateman
    Gunner D Bates
    Gunner R R Bath
    Gunner Bearman
    Gunner J S Belcher
    L/Bombardier D Bell
    Gunner Benfield
    Gunner Bennett
    Lieutenant R Berey
    WO2 Bethell
    Captain N F Biglands
    Sergeant E W Bird
    L/Bombardier E T Bodell
    Bombardier Bolam
    Captain M G Bond
    WO2 L W Bones
    Gunner J Brook
    Sergeant G W Brooks
    WO1 Brown
    Gunner Brown
    Gunner W Brown
    Gunner A D Buchanan
    Gunner Burgess
    Gunner Burnett
    Captain F Butler
    W Castle
    Gunner J O Castte
    N Clark
    Bombardier R Clough
    Lt Col J R Cochrane
    Captain S Conlan
    Gunner Cooper
    Lieutenant R S Couper
    T Dabbs
    WO1 H S Dafforn
    Gunner Dale
    L/Sergeant D D Dalton
    Gunner W D Dawson
    Bombardier Dean
    Private J W Denney
    Gunner F Dodd
    Bombardier Donaghy
    Gunner Donaldson
    Lieutenant J W Dowlen
    Sergeant Draper
    Gunner W J R Dudley
    Captain J F Duncan
    L/Bombardier C Ellis
    C Farquharson
    Sergeant Fenner
    Lieutenant H Foster
    Captain Fox
    Sergeant Franklin
    WO1 Fry
    Lieutenant K W Gardner
    Gunner Gibbs
    Sergeant H T Gladwell
    Bombardier H Glaister
    Sergeant Goddard
    Captain W B Godfrey
    Captain G A W Gold
    Gunner B Gould
    Gunner G H Green
    WO2 W M Griffith
    Gunner R A Guy
    L/Bombardier N Hall
    L/Bombardier H Hall
    Sergeant Halls
    Sergeant Hanmore
    Gunner T Hardwick
    Gunner R J Harland
    Gunner W E Hart
    Gunner W Hay
    L/Bombardier Hayman
    Lieutenant P R Heaton-Ellis
    Gunner A Hibbert
    Gunner R Hibbert
    Major R S W Higgens
    L/Bombardier R S Higgs
    L/Bombardier F G Hill
    Gunner S G Hill
    Gunner J Hitchen
    Lieutenant C H W Hodges
    L/Bombardier Hodgson
    Lieutenant R Holden
    S/Sergeant F W Holland
    L/Sergeant R V Holland
    Major E V Hollis
    Lieutenant G Hooper
    Lt Col M W Hope
    Sergeant L Howe
    Gunner Huggins
    Major R C Hulbert
    L/Bombardier A L Hunt
    R Ilines
    Bombardier H Ireland
    Lieutenant G Iveson
    Gunner Jenner
    Gunner Jinks
    Gunner W John
    S/Sergeant F R Johnson
    Bombardier A Jones
    Gunner E Jones
    Gunner G Jones
    Gunner J Kay
    Gunner D Keane
    Sergeant A Kearton
    Gunner J Kennedy
    Gunner King
    Gunner E King
    WO2 Kitchener
    Gunner W Kitching
    Gunner V Knappe
    Gunner Lambert
    Gunner E Lambert
    Sergeant D Lambert
    R Lane
    Gunner Langmead
    Lieutenant E Lawrence
    Lieutenant H Laws
    Captain J Laycock
    L/Sergeant E Leadbeater
    Captain Ledden
    Sergeant Lingard
    WO2 Little
    Gunner J Lofthouse
    Gunner F Long
    Gunner F Long
    Gunner A Lots
    Gunner N Lowe
    Bombardier F Loxton
    S/Sergeant T Lubbock
    Gunner W Lunn
    Gunner MacMillan
    Gunner E Martin
    Gunner A Martin
    Gunner Martindale
    Gunner Mason
    Gunner McFadyan
    S/Sergeant J F Mehigan
    Gunner Middleton
    Gunner F Mitchell
    Sergeant Mobbs
    Sergeant Moore
    Gunner Murphy
    D Murphy
    Gunner W T Myers
    Major N F Norman-Butler
    Sergeant W H Page
    Sergeant Parkin
    L/Bombardier F W Paterson
    Major G M R Pearson
    Gunner F Peel
    Lieutenant G T Pennell
    Major G A Perkins
    Captain F C Peters
    Gunner Platt
    Lieutenant L R Plowright
    Sergeant E Pomeroy
    L/Bombardier Presdee
    Lieutenant Pritchard
    Major A G Proudlock
    N Rawlinson
    Sergeant W A Ray
    Gunner Redman
    2/Lieutenant E H Richards
    Captain G S Richardson
    WO2 Riley
    Sergeant Riley
    W Rimmer
    Gunner K D Roberts
    B Roberts
    Lieutenant D A Robson
    Gunner Rudd
    Gunner N G Sagar
    L/Bombardier L E Salmons
    Gunner W Sargorson
    Gunner F J Saveall
    Gunner Scott
    Gunner Sheridan
    Lieutenant E G G Shimell
    L Skeet
    Bombardier H Slingsby
    Gunner Small
    Lieutenant Smith
    Gunner T H Smith
    Gunner R A Smitheman
    Lieutenant J T Spare
    Lieutenant J R Stanley
    Captain D J Stinson
    Bombardier J Stirk
    G A Stokes
    Gunner Sullivan
    Sergeant R B Tatum
    Gunner Taylor
    Gunner Taylor
    Gunner Thorn
    Lieutenant G E Thurston
    Gunner A Tudball
    Captain P A Turner
    Lieutenant W Wallich
    Lieutenant A Warren
    Lieutenant D C C Watson
    Gunner Watson
    Gunner A Whelan
    Sergeant Wherry
    Sergeant White
    Corporal Whitelegg
    Lieutenant G Whitten
    Gunner T W Whybrow
    L/Sergeant Whybrow
    Lieutenant G S Whyte
    Lieutenant P C Wilbur
    Gunner Williams
    Gunner Wilson
    L/Bombardier A C Wing
    Captain R A P Woodbridge
    Gunner J H Woods
    Captain J Yeoman
    Sergeant C W G Youngs
    Bombardier R J Youngs
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    I have uniform etc and all bits to Lieut G S Whyte can you tell me a bit of the 191st it came in a trunk from a house clearance
    I’d be interested in any thing you could tell me. Can you email
    As don’t go on this site often

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  4. Expat Yeoman

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    Hi Matt, thanks for posting. From what I can see the BD was post war. I will message you.
  5. Expat Yeoman

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  6. VaucluseVanguard .

    VaucluseVanguard . New Member

    My ex-father in law (I'm divorced) was in the Herts & Essex. He's still alive, now 97. His name is Les Skeet. He was with the
    My ex father-in-law (I'm divorced) was in the regiment from when it was formed until it was disbanded. He was a dispatch rider often doing recce for the Battery positions with the BC and also provided comms between the gunline and the battery CP/fire control if there was no line laid. His name is (alive at 97) Leslie (Les) Skeet. Would not be surprised if he's the last member of the Regiment still alive.
  7. Expat Yeoman

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    Thank you very much for the information, that is fabulous. Yes he is most probably the oldest veteran of the regiment now. It would be great to learn more about him and I am sure the EY Association will be interested to hear of him too. I will message you direct.. Many thanks, Michael
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    Hello, i'm new to the site. I think you have my Grandfather listed, Gnr Williams. I can give you more details on him. I don't know which battery he was in though. I wonder if you could help with that. I have a time line for him from when he enlisted to when he was shipped back to the UK after being wounded around the 1.8.44. He joined from the 30th Wiltshire Regt to make up regt numbers in Dec 42. That's all I know. Happy to share what else I have. Im keen to know more about his movements.
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  9. Simon Wilson

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    Update. Just reading other threads and there might be 2 Gnr Williams that were in 191st. Heather mentions one in her blog but it is a different gunner Williams. The age, job and where from are different. My grandad was born in 1920, and was a Cornish farm hand.
  10. AB64

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    If you have an Ancestry subscription you can have a go at the Tracer Cards - I did a quick check sticking "191 field" in the military unit field and it gets thousands of hits, most are totally unrelated but the first 168 or so do seem to have been with 191st at some point and with some tweaking to the search I'm sure it could turn up more
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  11. Expat Yeoman

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    Hello Simon, I have the other Williams as a storeman with 532 Bty and probably a different man. I will see if I can find anything about your grandfather, if you have any more information I would be interested to hear of it to add to my register (now up to 275 names)
  12. Simon Wilson

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    Hi, expat. My grandfather's name is Gnr William John Henry Williams service number 5441998. He was posted into 191st on 29/12/42 from the 30th Wiltshire's. From the records I have, he is recorded as being in Europe from 6/6/44 to 2/8/44. I take it from that, that he boarded a ship on the 6th and landed on the Normandy beaches on the 9th. He was wounded at some point before the 2/8/44 as that is the date he arrived back in the UK. I don't know which battery he was in, nor the date and circumstances of his wounding. I do know that upon arrival in England, he was hospitalised and treated for shell-shock by my grandmother who was a nurse and assigned to treat him. Obviously this brought them together. I would really like to identify his battery so I can more accurately trace his movements and to identify when he was wounded and under what circumstances. There is of course good detail to be found from the CO's report regarding the regt's moments, particularly around Caen, and numbers of wounded on given days, but fine tuning this would be nice.
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    Thanks Simon for that information. I could not find any specific reference to your grandfather in either Gee or Lamb. Gee records that 532 Bty had five killed and thirteen wounded during the night of 20th July. There are no other references of casualties from that date through to the 2nd Aug when he was back in the UK. There may have been, this is the summary history not the war diary, but that is my strongest lead so far. I shall keep looking! Michael
  14. Expat Yeoman

    Expat Yeoman Member

    Thank you and yes I do - have spent some time on that today. As you might expect there are some miscategorisations but I should be able to add around another 100 names to the list. Thanks!
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  15. Sheldrake

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    The 191 Field Regiment War Diary has the following entries
    27-31st July. Periodic shelling and mortaring by day and bombing by night of HEROVILLETTE. HEROVILLETTE generally regarded as a hot spot.

    28 July Veh (icle) ran over a mine in the 532 Battery area. One OR Wounded. One BQMS and fatally wounded and one OR wounded by accidental Bren gun fire.

    August war diary does not mention any casualties before 20th August
  16. Simon Wilson

    Simon Wilson Member

    Hi Sheldrake, yes I have read that. I suspect my grandfather was possibly injured as a result of either the Bofors shell incident, then bren gun incident or the vehicle hitting the mine. He may also have been injured earlier on the night of the 20/21st. Hopefully i might find more detail. Trip to the National Archives I think!!
  17. Expat Yeoman

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    The BQMS killed on 27th July was BQMS Frederick Holland. Looking at the other fatalities over that period there were four over the period 25-28th and six on the 21st. As many were from mortar attacks other casualties were highly likely. The fatalities on the 21st were all with 532 Bty. Simon I hope the National Archives will be able to shed more light for you.
  18. Simon Wilson

    Simon Wilson Member

    Thanks for your help. That is going to be my next course of action. I think identifying his battery will help as a starter.
  19. elainexpat

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    I am new to the site. My father, Kenneth George Patman, was with the 191 Field Regiment. He is listed as "Acting Bombardier" Service number 1136563. He was wounded in the Netherlands on 26 October 1944. I remember him saying he was in (or near to) Hilvarenbeek (casualty list no. 1587). He was wounded in the shoulder and spent quite a while recovering. He passed away in 2017 shortly before his 94th birthday. He was from Southend-on-sea, Essex. I am interested in any additional information that is available.
  20. Expat Yeoman

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    Hi Elainexpat, thanks for your post. This is a new name for me to add to the list, thank you. There are some details about your father's service from his Royal Artillery tracer card on Ancestry - you may have seen that already? He enlisted 29/1/1942, posted to 147 (Essex Yeomanry) Regt RA in May 1942 and then to 191st on 21st December1942, so posted to the regiment on its formation. He served with 191 through to October 1944, just before its disbandment in December of that year.

    As he joined from 147th he was most likely serving in 532 Battery (formed of men transferred in from 413 Bty of 147) or possibly 534 Battery.

    That's all I have for now but will keep looking. I'd be interested in anything else you could share please.


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