191 (Hertfordshire & Essex Yeomanry) Field Regiment, RA.

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    The 2IC is interesting, I think he went on to command a LAA regt, the one that captured a bloke called Himmler in 1945. IIRC his son, also RA, was awarded an MC c.1965 for a defence of the gun position action in 19 Lt Regt in the Radfan.
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    Fam Hist033.jpg My father was a captain in the 191st (Robert Varville Ledden) . He was involved in a crash (In the summer of 43) whereby the other two travellers were killed . Trying to catch up with the convoy their vehicle overturned killing the other two but my father was thrown clear. It deeply effected my father who , despite being in the T.A. before the war , was not sent abroad and spent a long time in hospital. I was wondering if the lads killed were Gunner William Richard Aldridge and Gunner Wilfred Derick Dawson who both died on the same day . If so I would like to visit their graves when we are allowed
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    Hello Dorian, great photo, thanks for sharing.

    Yes it was Aldridge and Dawson who were killed in the RTA - 17/7/1943.


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