187543 Lieutenant James 'Jimmy' Quentin Hughes RA on Malta

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    Hello everybody,

    I have come across Quentin Hughes' obituary in The Telegraph which states:

    Hughes was posted to 48/71 D Battery RA on Malta, which had the task of defending the Fleet Air Arm airfield.

    Is this description of the RA Unit correct?


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    The Batteries

    Then use Ctrl&f type in 48/71 see results

    Quentin Hughes (architect) - Wikipedia
    On the outbreak of war Hughes volunteered for the Royal Artillery and was posted to 208 Anti-Aircraft Training Regiment before obtaining his commission in 1940. Hughes was posted to Malta with 48/71 D Battery RA, from which his lifelong love of the island and interest in its architecture began


    Quentin Hughes
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    Thanks, both of you.

    I can now do my translation! D Battery stands for Defence Battery


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