186928 Antony Benjamin BURTON, 1 Irish Guards

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    Personal Number: 186928
    Rank: Second Lieutenant
    Name: Anthony Benjamin BURTON
    Unit: Irish Guards

    London Gazette : 30 May 1941
    The undermentioned Cadets, O.C.T.U.'s, to be 2nd Lts. from 17th May 1941
    I. G'ds.
    Anthony Benjamin BURTON (186928).

    London Gazette : 1 January 1946
    I. G'ds.
    The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be Lts., 2nd Jan. 1946, with seniority as shown:—
    War Subs. Lt. Anthony Benjamin BURTON (186928) from emerg. commn., 8th Jan. 1944.

    London Gazette : 27 July 1948
    I G'ds
    Lt (War Subs Capt ) A B BURTON (186928) to be Capt , 8th July 1948

    BURTON ANTONY BENJAMIN A B Cadet, Second Lieutenant 186928 Irish Guards Cadets, O.C.T.U.'s, to be 2nd Lts. from 17th May 1941 http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/35175/supplements/3082/page.pdf30 May 1941
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