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    Today I was given a small group of items belonging to Pte. George Godden, 2nd Can Inf Bde Co Y, RCASC.

    I met the lady how had these items at the D-Day display at Camp X. She told me she had this Mans stuff and no one in the family wanted it, so I was given it to display at the Nov 11th Display I put on in Whitby.

    Among the items are a single Medal, several Photos, a couple of letters, A large Cabinate Photo ect.

    The most interesting items are 1 a mimiographed Map marked Top Secret That shows the route through France from Marseille to Laumes, it shows Bivouc sites and gives mileage, and 2 a hand written "route" set if instructions.
    There is no date on this however this is what it says.

    "Route, Camp to Otterloo, Down Liri Route to Main Arnheim Road to Arnheim- To MAPLE LEAF DOWN To Nijegen- To Route 200- To Heesh- Sharp Right turn to OSS"

    The woman who had this thought this was an unimportant piece of paper and almost threw it out!!!

    Thank God I can keep this group together.

    The "route" instructions are hand written on the back of a Marconi Radio telegraph Company of Egypt form.

    This group made my Day!!!


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