180119 Lieutenant Richard Dockrill Hill ,1st Bn Hertfordshire Regiment (TA)

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  1. Judy Hill

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    Can anybody help me with any information regarding Richard Dockrill Hill who was killed in action on 28th September 1944 at Prescario, Italy whilst serving with the 1st Battalion Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment? He is buried in the Faenza War Cemetery.
    I have Commonwealth War Grave Information and notices from newspaper. I also have notice of his appointment to 2nd Lieutenant from London Gazette 15 April 1941.
    I can find no mention of Prescario in any actions, or 1st Beds & Herts, only 2nd Battalion.
    May thanks.

  2. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Definintely not 1st Bn Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment as they were in the Far East at that time.
    Hopefully someone will look him up in the casualty lists , his unit should be mentioned there.
  3. Mr Jinks

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    Sorry Owen I`ve checked the casualty lists they do not show a battalion only the Regiment . Missing initially date not recorded. Owen CWGC have all Beds and Herts casualties for this cemetery as 1st Battalion.

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  4. timuk

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    In addition to the above, the Grave Concentration Report shows another 3 from 1st Battalion dying on same day.
  5. papiermache

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    The 1986 history of the Beds & Herts ( compiled by the History Committee of the Royal Anglian Regiment ) does not have an index. It does have accounts of operations in Italy carried out by both the 1st and 2nd Battalions. Lieut R.D. Hill is not mentioned by name in connection with those operations. Possibly the appropriate War Diary may help.
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  6. Judy Hill

    Judy Hill Member

    Many thanks for comments. I did have casualty report but not the Graves Registration or Concentration Report so didn't know that others from his regiment died that day.
    Are the operations in Italy by 1st and 2nd Battalions mentioned in the 1986 history of Beds & Herts around the Faenza area or around that date?
    Its a bit of a mystery. I will pay a visit to Kew and take a look at the War Diary.
  7. Guy Hudson

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    Lt. Hill was attached to the 1st Battalion The Hertfordshire Regiment (T.A.)

    The move on the new axis began on the night 26/27 September with "1" Company leading the advance on to Il Monte. The enemy position, occupied by a strong section, was outflanked and the enemy fled leaving one dead, one prisoner and a Spandau machine gun. This success was followed up by "4" Company moving around on the right flank and outflanking an enemy strongpoint on Gamberaldi which was holding up our troops on the right. An attack was planned but later cancelled due to thick fog and heavy rain, which made the going extremely difficult. Reconnaissance the next mroning found the enemy had pulled out during the night.
    On 28th September the pursuit of the enemy continued amid appalling weather conditions as a gale was blowing on top of the mist and rain. "3" Company outflanked a further enemy position forcing the enemy to withdraw. A patrol under Lieutenant Hill surprised and captured three Germans but were in turn ambushed themselves.

    R.H. Medley 'Cap Badge'
    II The 1st Batttalion The Hertfordshire Regiment (T.A.)
    Chapter 30) Italy - September 1944 p.247
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  8. Owen

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    Ah similar confusion with Herts Regt , Beds & Herts as with 1st Buckinghamshire Battalion (TA) of the Ox & Bucks.
    I didn't look any further than the 1st Beds & Herts bit.
  9. papiermache

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    These pages refer to the events ( I did buy the book and photoed it before giving it to a friend who is writing the history of the 5th Bn who were part of 18th Division and captured at Singapore in February 1942: pages just about readable ).

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  10. Judy Hill

    Judy Hill Member

    Guy, thank you! Would you believe I have the book here right by my side but I hadn't realised he was attached to 1st Hertfordshire Regiment (TA) so hadn't connected it.
    I really appreciate everybody's help.
  11. timuk

    timuk Well-Known Member

    Explanation from Wiki. I rather think CWGC confused the Regiments.
    The Territorial Force was reformed as the Territorial Army in 1920, and the 1st Battalion was reconstituted at Hertford. Despite the regular Bedfordshire Regiment being renamed the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment to better reflect links with both counties, the 1st Hertfordshires retained a unique identity. The single battalion establishment was maintained for much of the interwar period and in 1938 HM Queen Elizabeth was appointed honorary colonel.[20] In March 1939, as the situation in Europe deteriorated, 1st Battalion was instructed to recruit beyond its nominal war establishment, and a duplicate battalion was formed that August.
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  12. Lau-lau

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    Thank you for this. Richard Dockrill Hill was my paternal grandfather. Really good to see that photo and to learn more about what happened on that fateful day.
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  13. minden1759

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    1 HERTS were be of three battalions in 66 Infantry Brigade who were part of 1 British Infantry Division. They joined 1 British Infantry Division at the latter end of Anzio.

    1 British Infantry Division was fighting on the Gothic Line in the US Sector in Sep 44.


  14. Dan... 1966

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    I found some more details of the patrol in the Hertfordshire field gazette, they were up against the German 4th parachute division.

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  15. Judy Hill

    Judy Hill Member

    Thank you for recent posts.
  16. Owen

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    I've edited the thread title after the earlier confusion between 1st Bn Herts Regt and 1st Bn Beds & Herts Regt.
    2 years late I know. ;)
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