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    Want some info on the 17th airborne in operation varsity, I got some stuff just lemme know where ya want me to post it...

    Have an AIRBORNE DAY!
    Im trying to get any Info. My Dad jumped in Operation Varsity and passed May of 2009. He had just starter to open up befor he died. His name is Girard F. Lemieux and jumped with the 507th. If you can send info to my email (lepew12@hotmail.com) or post it here. Thank You Tyler Lemieux

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    My Father was in the 3rd Scots Battn, 6th Gurds Tank Brigade. they carried 17th Airborne guys for approx 1 week upon their tank ('Skye' tank,8 troop) up to and including the capture of the city of Munster. Dad was most impressed by the airborne soldiers, armed to the teeth and keen as hell to carry the fight to the Germans. A Lt Colhouqon/Cahoun rode on their tank he remembers. I did a cursory search for the aforementioned Officer and found out he finished in the Airborne as a Captain, but do not know any more about him.

    As welll as Chiseldon Camp, the 17th Airborne were also stationed in Savernake Forest near Malborough and further encampments stretching down towards Tidworth in Wiltshire.
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    Hopefully the below link will work,
    Group picture of 513 PIR/17th AB taken before the Ardennes Offensive.
    Many have KIA written on them in the picture.


    Some heroes in the picture---
    My father- Pvt Stanley F Burek --New Jersey
    Four names are written on the back.
    Jack Bernstein - New York
    John C Sherratt - Utah
    Reyes M Pinon -Arizona
    Sammuel Roberts - Pennsylvania

    Picture taken by Panora Ltd, London W.C.1
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    Welcome aboard!

    What a great first post - superb photo.

    Are you aware of the '17th Airborne Division Scions'? If not, get yourself known to them and send them the photo; I know Scions of the 513th will enjoy spotting their relative.

    Look foward to ant stroes you might have.

    Steve W.
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    I cant se ethe picture.
    When I click link I get this message.
    Nothing Here

    The file you are looking for has been deleted or moved.
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    I cant se ethe picture.
    When I click link I get this message.

    It's 10:35 pm on New Years Eve. You're probably pissed. :lol:
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    I cant se ethe picture.
    When I click link I get this message.

    Nothing Here

    The file you are looking for has been deleted or moved.

    Likewise. Perhaps the person concerned can post the said photograph directly to this site so forum members can look at it please?

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    What a great thread this is. I must agree fully with the core of the discussion regarding the lack of coverage for the 17th, the casualty rate they endured, and the distinction with which the paras and glidermen fought. I have been researching their exploits for over 14 years, in particular those of the engineer unit, the 139th Airborne Engineer Battalion. I am the webmaster of the blog mentioned above:


    I am attempting to post as much as I can find on the 17th. I sort of feed it out a little at a time so that I do not grow weary of scanning, cropping, editing and aligning images and document. All of this work has ended in a book about the 139th AEB entitled, "Blood on the Talon"

    Since I also enjoy collecting I will publish one or more volumes on the uniforms, insignia and equipment of the unit. I have been fortunate to focus my collecting and research on the one unit. Most of my posts on collecting are at the US Militaria forum:


    When writing the book on the 139th, I wanted to do a few things. First, I wanted it to be factually correct, well documented and chock full of pictures, charts and maps. I wanted to absorb the recollections of veterans and their experiences. Since I got a late start on the interview project, it was hard to get in touch with veterans, and some of them were not healthy enough to share their thoughts, or they did not want to rekindle the anguish. I wish I had more of their experiences to insert int he book, but many of them are recorded there. Those who started these projects in the 80s and 90s had a greater pool from which to draw. That is the sad aspect of our times. I was simply too late in my inspiration to write.

    As I wrote about the battles near Bastogne from 4 Jan and later, I realized how difficult it was for the 17th to face a battle hardened foe, who had total command of the terrain, and was defending. The task for Gen Miley's paras was not an easy one. They had to essentially attack across unfamiliar terrain, through waist deep snow in cases, uphill in some instances and attack an enemy who was holed up in small villages and wooded areas, who had sighted in every strategic location with artillery (albeit with insufficient rounds to sustain many fire missions), and was well led by battle hardened veterans. Granted, the units the 17th faced had been in combat for many days, and was suffering some of the effects of long-term war, but they were ready for the 17th. I think if the Germans had been fresh, with ample supplies of ammo and fuel, It would have been a very bad time for the 17th. Gen Miley had to mount a frontal attack against a dug-in battle hardened foe. Not an easy prospect. Eventually, Hitler ordered a retreat along the front lines and the 17th moved forward to fill the void. The going prior to this was very tough.

    I am in no way saying that the 17th only moved forward because of the withdrawal. It just made their going easier. Everyone who reads mil hist knows how difficult a frontal attack can be, no matter how much arty you have you still have to "dig them out".

    You are welcome to read my book for free as I have posted it in my blog on the book tab. It downloads as a pdf. 'll post a separate thread on the forum to the book so as not to hijack this post. I like the 17th discussion and would love to see it continue.

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