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    Another small file found on my hard drive coutesy of Brian - ADM199[​IMG]
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    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

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    11-12 May 1944

    514 Squadron

    Lancaster II LL739 JI-M
    Op. Leuven

    The aircraft took off from Waterbeach to bomb railway yards and was shot up it is believed, by a Fw190 while leaving the target area. A fire started in the starboard inner engine and within seconds the entire wing was engulfed in flames. All baled out. P/O. Cunningham RNZAF landed on the roof of a cafe at Rixensart (Brabant) Belgium, while P/O. Winterford found himself on a nearby rail line where an alert German patrol thought they had caught a saboteur and before he could prove otherwise, he was shot in the leg. F/O. Ramsey and Sgt. Brown evaded capture for a while, but were eventually arrested by the Gestapo.


    P/O. A B. Cunningham RNZAF pow
    P/O. D A. Winterford pow – Held Luft III pow No.6510
    F/O. R J. Ramsey pow
    F/O. R. Brailsford evaded
    Sgt. J W. Stone evaded
    Sgt. F W. Brown evaded
    Sgt. B L. Roberts evaded

    The Leuven raid of 11-12 May 1944

    105 Lancasters and 5 Mosquitoes of 3 and 8 Groups attacked the railway yards but the main weight of the bombing hit the railway workshops and nearby storage buildings. 4 Lancasters lost.

    Sourced from:

    Bomber Command Losses Vol.5 – W R. Chorley
    The Bomber Command War Diary – M. Middlebrook / C. Everitt
    Footsteps On The Sands Of Time – O. Clutton-Brock
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    I have just made a query of a crash exactly one month before from the same squadron where all died but one.
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    Dear Drew,

    I see you have placed pictures over here.
    How can I see them?
    For the moment I'm working on the crash of Lancaster LL739 from 514 sq.

    Kind Regards,

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    Donald Albert Winterford passed away in 2005.


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    Thank you very much Alieneyes!!!!
    Do you know there is also a picture from him?

    Kind Regards,

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    Unfortunately the pictures were lost when the forum changed.
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    Hi alieneyes, I read your piece on Donald Albert Winterford with great interest. Donald was my 3rd Cousin 2 x removed. I am trying to put a story behind all of my relatives in the family tree, and in particular those with a military background. Could I ask for your permission to use your account of him credited with your name?

    Kind regards

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    Hi Stephen,

    I didn't write it. I found that page (which now seems to be gone) online. Good thing the text was posted here. I would just thank the site, given that they don't seem to be online anymore.


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