16mm Film - Invasion of Sicily 1943

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    I acquired this 16mm Castle Film back in the 1950's when I was about 10 years old. A number of years back I made a transfer of the film to the computer using a DV Camera. It is not a very good transfer but the film is a bit interesting. It appears to be a mix of actual footage and stock footage. Part of it appears to be a training film. You can see 51st (Highland) Division troops at one point.

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    Ah so that's what you look like.
    Just watched the video.
    Thanks for the share.
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    I am going to Sicily for 10 days in June-July this year. Do any members have any suggestions of good sites to visit related to the Commonwealth operations in Sicily. We are flying into Catania and then staying in Barrafranca, south-east of Caltanissetta.
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    Your a wise chap when it comes to the modern technology, would you think it would be worth while playing about with it again to improve it? Not that I'm complaining.Yet to have a proper look at it.

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    If you have the opportunity to head about a mile south of Syracuse there were still signs (in 2001) of the objectives that the 2nd (Airborne) Battalion The South Staffordshire Regiment were tasked with taking on the night of 9th July 1943. Eighteen years ago the pill boxes "Bilston", " Dudley" and "Mosquito" were still visible, albeit somewhat overtaken by local foilage. Of the original bridge (known as "Waterloo Bridge" to The Staffs) only the foundations remained in 2001.

    Enjoy your time in Sicily, it is a wonderful island with good people, but filled with poignancy given the massive casualties that were incurred during the invasion.
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  8. dryan67

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    The problem is that I no longer have a 16mm projector though I have the original 16mm film. I should take them to a conversion service before the get any worse.
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    Plenty of areas to visit - an understatement...see map attached of the various battle areas and there are plenty of online/written resources to be able to read the campaign details:

    I suppose "3 main areas" south/south west of Etna are worth exploring

    1) The beach/commando/airborne landing areas for XXX and XIII Corps south of Syracuse and at the bridges nearby

    2) The advances of XXX Corps up the east coast towards Catania - Primosole bridge et al

    3) XIII Corps advances inland to the west of XXX Corps including:
    - 5th/51st Division's route.
    - The Canadian advances from the beaches to the west of the Pachino headland. Plenty of details from the Canadian military archives.
    - The 78th Division's assault from Catenanuova up to Centuripe and then onto Randazzo, via the Salso/Simeto rivers, Adrano, Bronte and Maletto along the slopes of Etna in early August.

    4) Three CWGC Cemeteries at Catania, Syacuse and Agira...

    I know there are a few members from Sicily who may be able to advise more specifically.. if you are there around 10th July, no doubt there will be some commemorative events.

    best wishes

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    Now I just need to get my wife, daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren on board.
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    We will also be visiting my wife's family in Caltanissetta. Her mother, who was born in the US, went back to Sicily with her family in the 1920's and was there for the invasion. Her grandmother harbored an American paratrooper, who ended up in the area until the Allies came through. Based on the story, I suspect he was flown in in an earlier operation for reconnaissance since he was there for a month according to the story.
  12. bexley84

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    The view up to/at Centuripe is rather spectacular..

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    Fantastic shot. I will add Centuripe to my list.

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