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    Good afternoon all,

    Recently, I have started to look into those RASC personnel taken POW and those that escaped. I have attached a citation for a Capt ANKERS RASC who escaped from a POW Camp in Thailand, knowingly aware of the consequences of being recaptured by the Japanese!



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    As you say Bruneval, one of the few to attempt escape, nearly succeed and were not executed for their sins. Thanks for posting.
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    This chap is Captain Walter Henry ANKER (No 'S'). Previously a RQMS, Commissioned 31 Dec 40, so presumably a Regular.
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  4. Bruneval

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    Hi Tim,

    You're quite right, he was a Regular joining the Colours on 25 May 26 and Commissioning on 31 Dec 40.

    upload_2020-10-26_18-53-0.png upload_2020-10-26_18-54-40.png


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    Have you listened to the oral history on IWM of James Bradley, one of Anker's escape companions. Escape and aftermath is on Reels 2 and 3.
    Bradley, James Bottomley (Oral history)

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  6. Bruneval

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    What an amazing set of recordings - thanks for sharing!

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