1607462 Edward BUTLER, 5 Searchlight Regt., Royal Artillery: FEPOW, finding POW records

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    hi there! ive started my research on my great grandfather, Edward Butler, who was a POW in thailand during the war. ive been okay with finding stuff out and i’ve got the great luck of having a japanese speaking family member to help me translate some records but it’s been a bit difficult finding more info now. unfortunately both of my great grandparents on that side have passed before i could meet them so i can’t ask any questions, i could probably ask a grandparent if they know anything else though.

    so far here’s what we’ve found:
    Bs-Bu Database
    (not too sure what camp 4D means so i’m posting here in hopes of finding out.)

    he was captured in singapore 15/2/1942, possibly arrived in thailand 16/6/1942, and was freed 13/9/1945, by i believe the bangkok forces (this was written on the back of the record attached below) - we translated the record to find this info out but we’re not 100% sure it’s right because of the old characters used

    we know he was a gunner, he was born 9/11/1911, his number was 1607462 and his unit when captured was 135 S.L.REGT.R.A.

    (i’m not great with military things so if anyone could help explain everything that would be fantastic!)


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    Welcome to the Forum.
    Edward Butler captured Singapore 15 Feb 42. Transported on 4 Apr 42 overseas in the Nissyo Maru to Saigon. It looks as though he was held Saigon until the end of the war. As dbf says he was in 13th Battery 5th Searchlight Regt.
    This is an extract from the RA Roll maintained in Changi POW Camp where OVS = Overseas.

    Edward's Liberation Questionnaire which he completed himself can be seen here.
    Butler, Edward
    Compared to others, many who went to Saigon considered themselves to have been lucky.

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    There is brief summary of a case which involves men sent to French Indo China at the International Criminal Court website, "legal tools" available at the link. This involves men from Lt Col Hugonin's party.


    The case papers are at the National Archives at Kew, reference WO235/983.
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