156049 Lashmer Gordon WHISTLER, GCB, KBE, DSO & Two Bars, DL, 131 Infantry Brigade

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    I was flicking through 'Bolo' Whistler's biography earlier, but the best anecdote I've seen about him tells of a post-war experience:

    Lord Mancroft recalled visiting Whistler at Chester and being amazed at his intricate knowledge of the Roman camp layout. He recalled a dinner later "Bolo got a fishbone stuck in his throat during dinner and went outside to clear the matter up. Nobody had told him that the regimental goat had been temporarily parked in the gentlemen's cloakroom pending its later ceremonial arrival, and Bolo returned quite shaken and very angry, having had the best of three rounds with the goat, and, I think, lost them all. As he said in his speech, nobody wants to fight a goat in a mess dress and spurs, even when you haven't got a fishbone stuck in your throat.

    Lashmer Whistler - Wikipedia
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    He's fondly remembered in Overloon to this day.


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