156045 Andrew CAVENDISH, MC, 3 Coldstream Guards

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    24th Guards Brigade, 6th South African Division, 13 Corps

    156045 W/Lieutenant, Temporary Captain Lord Andrew CAVENDISH, 3rd Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS

    On Thursday 27 July 1944 No. 4 Company 3rd Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS, commanded by Captain The Lord Andrew CAVENDISH, was ordered to capture the feature, Point 302, South of STRADA. The Company proceeded to its objective and during its advance came under considerable shellfire. Captain The Lord Andrew CAVENDISH was not present during this shellfire as he was forward carrying out a reconnaissance. On his return he found considerable confusion amongst his tired troops, several of whom had been wounded. In spite of continuous shellfire, Captain The Lord CAVENDISH rallied his men, disposed of his wounded and led his Company gallantly on to the objective, where he consolidated.

    For the next twenty-four hours with the enemy on three sides of them and cut off by fire on the fourth side, his Company remained on its position without food and water. During this extremely difficult period, Captain The Lord CAVENDISH kept up the morale of his very tired troops by his endless cheerfulness, energy and disregard of danger. After 36 most difficult and dangerous hours his company was relieved having held its position under the most difficult conditions.

    Captain The Lord CAVENDISH’s example and leadership unquestionably was largely responsible for both capturing and holding the 302 feature, whilst his personal gallantry was an inspiration to his men.

    Awarded Immediate Military Cross

    LG 17/12/1944
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