1531476 Reginald James DOGGETT, Royal Artillery: POW

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    And those numbers are no longer in the clasp column!

    Wild-goose chase, but I can give up on that line now.
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    This must have been an eventful shore leave.

    The men who left the ship promptly got into a pitched battle with gangs of Egyptian civilians in Port Said!

    Local anti-British sentiment had boiled over and projectiles were thrown at the men, who retaliated in kind.

    On arriving in Tripoli, a local brigadier gave everybody 56 days confined to barracks for their part in the fracas.

    The next anecdote about the discovery of a drowned soldier is fairly macabre.

    And it seems the photos I have of ruins are the Roman ones in Tripoli.

    REEL 13 [17:23]:
    Geoghegan, Mick (Oral history)
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