1529214 Arthur John Lane, RAFVR, died 30/4/1944

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    I'm trying to find out more about Arthur John Lane 1529214, RAFVR, died 30/4/1944 and is buried in Bari War Cemetry, Italy.

    I have only managed to find the above from the CWGC but it doesn't mention anything of a squadron he was attached to.

    Any help greatly appreciated.
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    Flight magazine of August 3rd, 1944 has him on a RAF casualty report as Died on Active Service – so most likely either died of illness or from a non-work related accident. No clue on his unit though.

    DIED ON ACTIVE SERVICE.—L.A/C. D. D. Alliston; L.A/C. A. Allonby; Cpl. A. C. S Clark; Cpl. C. E. Ooston; W/O. J. Elsdon-Howard; A/C.1 A C. R. Fowler; Sgt. E. O. Goulden, M.C.; L.A/C. W. G. House: Flt Lt. G. R. Knight; L.A/C. A. J. Lane; Sqn. Ldr. E. W. Lawrence; L.A/C. J. Murphy; L.A/C F G. Parker; Wing Cdr. G. W Paton; F/O. E Proctor; Cpl C. L. Ryan; Fit. Lt. F. G. Turner,
  3. DaveB

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    Do you have any other info on him? Where did his name come from?

    Are you looking on behalf of someone else??
  4. Slingsby

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    Thanks Dave, thats all the info I have. I'm researching him on behalf of my mother. They were school friends and she would liketo know a little more about the biy she used to play with.
  5. hutchie

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    sadly there is no mention of a squadron on forces records under his file so your best bet would be to get his service records
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    Hi, this might be a long shot as this discussion is quite old now but I have been looking for information regarding my Great Grandfather who's name is Arthur John Lane and is buried in Bari War Cemetary.

    Did you manage to locate any furthur information??
  7. dbf

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    Hello and welcome,

    I hope fellow members will be able to help out with something new for you.

    Leading Aircraftman
    Service Number 1529214
    Died 30/04/1944
    Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
    Cemetery/memorial reference: XI. C. 22.

    Graves concentration report from the above CWGC link:

    From the mix of dates and units for the others listed, I'd agree with DaveB about cause of death, looks like there was a hospital or something similar close by which used the Military plot of Brindisi Civil Cemetery. Bodies were subsequently moved and re-buried on 4/12/44 at Bari War Cemetery.

    Sue Light's website - Hospitals WW2 - Scarlet Finders - has
    84 British General Hospital
    in Brindisi from 12/43 to 4/44, then to U.K

    Additional handwritten details state 334 Wing, RAF
    Screenshot 2019-02-19 at 16.54.32.png

    Wiki isn't entirely unreliable as a source but RAF is not my sphere. Still I hope I've got this reference correct, as it gives BRINDISI as one location but date is after Date of Death:
    List of wings of the Royal Air Force - Wikipedia

    No. 334 Wing RAF
    July 1944: Special Duties Wing in Balkan Air Force at Brindisi and Lecce with 148 Squadron RAF (Halifax II/V and Lysander), 1586 Polish Flight (Halifax II/IIA and Liberator III), and 1 and 88 IAF Sqns (SM 82 and Cz 1007)

    April 1945: in BAF with 1 (SM82) and 88 (Cz 1007) IAF Sqns, 148 (Halifax IV/V/Lysander IIIA) and 44 (SAAF) (Dakota) Sqns, and 16 (USAAF) Sqn (Dakota I/III)

    Good luck with your research.

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