151 Infantry Brigade HQ April 1945

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  1. Philip Reinders

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    Does anyone has the WD of Brigade HQ of April 1945, and if so is there a mentioned in it about the death of Captain R.B. Hutt of 74 Field Regt RA, after visiting Brigade HQ?
  2. Steve Mac

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    The 151st Infantry Brigade constituted 6th, 8th and 9th Bns Durham Light Infantry until circa 30 November 1944, when 50th (Northumbrian) Division was broken up. The 9th Bn Durham Light Infantry left 151st Infantry Brigade and joined 131st Infantry Brigade, 7th Armoured Division. The rest of the 151st Infantry Brigade Battalions returned home to the UK as a training cadre.

    I have never considered the question of what happened to the 151st Infantry Brigade HQ at that time, but I would have assumed that it returned home to the UK too. I don’t know this as fact though.

    The 74th Field Regiment, RA, was transferred to the 49th Infantry Brigade at the time 50 Div was broken up.

    Are you sure he was visiting the 151st Infantry Brigade HQ?
  3. Philip Reinders

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    I also had my doubts, but that what I have been told (don''t have the 74 WD) but I can remember reading somewhere that he was buried in the 151Bde Cemetery? near Bemmel
  4. Mr Jinks

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    Captain Raymond Barnes Hutt was killed 17th April 1945 exactly one month after his 29th birthday whilst serving as the adjutant of 74th (Northumbrian) Field Regiment RA (TA).

    He was killed in the village of Wageningen, 10 miles west of Arnhem. The war diary of 74 Regiment records:~

    Rest of day spent regrouping in Arnhem.
    Regt passed through area on which 1st Airborne Div fought and found many signs of their grim fight-parachute-harness-containers-jeeps etc. The Regt buried several "Men of Arnhem" after getting their identifications and found some communal graves with inscriptions in German. Capt R.B. Hutt RA (Adjutant) killed and major R. Hudson (2IC) wounded in the eye when jeep in which they were travelling went over some R mines. Major Hudson evacuated but not seriously wounded.

    Northumbrian Gunner: Arnhem - Arnhem Oosterbeek Cemetery

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  5. Philip Reinders

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    if he was killed in Wageningen, his body would never been moved 88km to the betuwe (buried at Ressen) so it must have happen somewhere on the Island

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  6. Philip Reinders

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    GCRF Hutt.JPG

    unless the coordinates are wrong, does anyone has information about the other casualties on the Report? Looking at their dates they could not have been in the Wageningen area.
  7. Mr Jinks

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    53496 Major C A Riley who is on that report was `B` Company Commander Killed outright by a shell in the village of Haalderen (30km from Wageningen ?)
    268114 Lieutenant Neil Robertson (shown as 8 DLI) was a Northumberland Fusiliers officer attached to the DLI died of wounds received at Steelen .

    If it helps

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  9. stolpi

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    Could it be that the gun positions of the 74th Field Regt were still on The Island in mid-April?
  10. Philip Reinders

    Philip Reinders Very Senior Member

    I don't think so, they were in the Ede area, maybe both officers were attached or liaison officers.

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