150th Field Regiment Royal Artillery

Discussion in 'Royal Artillery' started by Matt Key, May 31, 2018.

  1. Matt Key

    Matt Key New Member


    Looking for documents on this regiment please, enlistment records, photos or if anyone had family in this regiment.

    Any help would greatly be appreciated.

    My Grandad

    Cedric Key (C H KEY) passed away 1968... Ladywood/Birmingham


    Gunner / Injured 19/8/44, part of battle of Hill 13 / Putot-en-Auge / Goustranville supporting 7th 12th and 13th paras .


  2. harkness

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  3. Matt Key

    Matt Key New Member

    Hi Harkness

    Thanks, did find this, and have the war diaries.
  4. Peter Tomlinson

    Peter Tomlinson New Member

    Hi Matt

    My Grandad Sam Tomlinson served with the 150th .

    I have lots of photos of his time in the army pre -war and during the war as he was reservist for many years but sadly not one of them have any names on the back .

    I have photo of "A" troop 434 Battery from April 1944 , but I can't see a CH Key listed in the the names , then again neither is my grandad .

    Here is a photo of him on what I believe is Pre war camp , my Grandad is 2nd from the Right , he was also wounded in the battle around Caen I'm not sure when , but I do have a C-in C certificate he was awarded for Gallantry in around June/July 1944.

    Scan 6.jpeg

    If you would like me to scan a few photographs I can send them over .

    Best Regards

    Pete T
  5. Giberville

    Giberville Junior Member

    Is this him? Look like he was wounded on June 9th...
  6. Matt Key

    Matt Key New Member


    Giberville would that be the town by tourigni sur vire by any chance ?
  7. Peter Tomlinson

    Peter Tomlinson New Member

    Thanks Giberville

    Looks like he may have been wounded on more than one occasion .

    I am hoping to apply for his service record next week , it may shed some light on this .

    Many Thanks


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