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    I recently came across this set of photos on Flickr.com which are titled
    “WW2 Pictures by my Dad. Some pictures taken by my Dad of World War 2 and his R.A. Battery's part in it. (14th Field Battery)”

    Some of the photos are tagged India WW2 including this photo which says 14th Corunna Field Battery

    About half the photos seem to be taken in 1935 in what was called the Mohmand Operations . I am trying to find out what period this Battery was in India, or at least confirm whether it was in India during WW2. I can’t find any references at all to the 14th Corunna Field Battery. Would this Battery be part of another Brigade or Regiment?

    I have looked in
    http://nigelef.tripod.com/regtsumm.htm and
    http://ra39-45.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/index.html but can’t find anything, but perhaps I am not looking in the right place.

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    Contact Firepower the Regimental museum on research@firepower.org.uk

    The librarian will have all the details you want, but there may be a charge.

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    14 (Corunna) became 14/66 in 1938 then 17 (Corunna) in 1947. The still exist and their battery history collection may have the infirmation you want. However, they are stationed in Germany.
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    I'm only working from the RA History, which is a reliable source.

    Jul 1920, 4 Field Brigade, stationed in Shorncliffe, with 7, 14 & 66 Field Btys and 4 Howitzer Bty.
    Aug 1929, 4 Fd Bde, stationed in Lille Bks Aldershot since Feb 28, warned for service in India, btys as above
    May 1938, 4 Mechanised Bde in Nowshera since 30/11/34, 4 (Cole's Kop) How, 7 (Sandhams Coy), 14 (Corunna), 66 How.
    Bty Comd was Maj HP McC Glover MC.

    The 1938 reorg of arty replaced the 4 x 6 Bde with the 2 x 12 Regt, meaning pairs of btys in each regt merged. As previously stated 14 merged with 66.
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    Thank you mapshooter


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