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    hi can anybody shed some light on the 14th anti tank reigment .my fathers uncle lance sergant thomas sherlock was k.i.a in north africa tunisa. can find any info on the 14th anti tank reigment [battles,what thomas roll would be i.e in charge of the gun.what gun type it was .any info would be greatful.thank you
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    Moved your post to it's own thread.
    Here's his CWGC entry to help other members get going with replies.
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    thank you
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    They were in 4th Infantry Division & I'm looking at their history , there are a few pages for 29th April 1943 but it mainly concerns the infantry battalions actions.

    I suggest applying to the MoD for his service records to see how long he was with 14 AT Regt & any other units.
    Then you can get copies of the units war diaries from the National Archives.
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    If you search here War Diary Search Engine - www.arcre.com for ''14 anti tank'' the war diary reference numbers can be found.

    You can ask Lee aka PsyWar.Org (whose war diary search engine that is) to copy them for you or Andy Drew5233 also does the same. Their fees are reasonable.
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    As lance sergeant what would his duty be
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    From the regiments war diary on the day of your chaps death.
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    My Grandfather Alan Goode was an acting Captain in Unit 88 14th A/Tk Regiment and received a Military Cross for his actions on the day your Great Uncle was killed.
    He's mentioned in the war diary on April 30th.
    Here's the citation for his MC which covers the events of of April 29th

    12th I B Brigadge:4th Div.5th Unit. 88/14th A/Tk Regt R. A. 6 May 1943

    1267237 T/Captain Goode Alan Smithin

    I wish to recommend the above name officer for an M.C.

    On 28th April he carried out a reconnaissance under fire for anti-tank gun positions on the SIDI ABDULLAH Ridge. Despite being pinned down by shell fire during this, and have to leave before finishing, owing to a German counter-attack which retook the feature, he brought back a clear and detailed report which was invaluable during the operations on 29th April.

    During night 28/29 April he was busy most of the night and got little sleep.

    On 29th April J Troop were ordered into action on point 133; the route to which was exposed to shell and M.G. fire. The troop commander at this time had gone forward to recconnoitre for positions on Pt. 133. Capt. Goode took charge and got the guns into action without casualties in daylight.

    An M.G. on the right flank was giving trouble. Captain Goode and Sgt Flannigan took on this M.G. with one of the guns despite heavy and accurate fire which kept all in the vicinity, including the remainder of the detachment, in the slit trenches. His fire had the effect of lessening the M.G. fire from the flank.

    Later the Infantry withdrew from Pt. 133; Captain Goode sent [back] for the tractors and brought the guns out in daylight without casualty despite the fact the the infantry had left the position before the tractors arrived.

    During the remainder of the day Capt Goode was always cheerful, efficient, and volunteering for difficult or dangerous tasks.

    During the night 29//30 April Capt Goode took charge of the A.Tk. platoon of hte D.C.LI. and 2-17 pdrs of "T" Battery, 93rd Anti-Tank Regt R.A. He was up all night trying to get guns forward on to Pt. 133; he was unsuccessful as the Germans had a M.G. firing on fixed lines covering the route to the position.

    On the morning 30th April Capt Goode went out with a patrol of 2.R.F. to find out the situation on Sidi Abdullah Ridge. Having gained the information he needed he left the patrol and returned on foot to battery H.Q.

    Throughout this operation his fearlessness, devotion to duty, and cheerfulness were an inspiration to the whole Battery.

    3rd May 1943

    Lt Col. R.A.

    Commanding 14th A/Tk Regt. R.A
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