14th anti tank regiment, 4th British infantry division

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    Hi all, I'm Charlotte, and I'm interested in the 14th anti tank regiment in Italy as my Grandpa was a first class layer on a 17 pounder anti tank gun (and despatch rider) at Monte Cassino, (thankfully he'd written this down). I've sent for his army service records and am now trying to work out the abbreviations etc and the dates of different entries on them. Currently reading the book, Monte Cassino, opening the road to Rome by Richard Doherty.
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    Firstly post the records on the forum
    Members will help you decipher them

    Secondly there are a couple of members on the forum who offer a copy service at a reasonable rate from the National Archives.They would source the war diaries for you

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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

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    Thanks, will have a look at that.
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    14 Anti Tank Regiment were part of 4 Infantry Division and fought with them at the Fourth Battle of Monte Cassino in May 44. On arrival on the Cassino front in Apr 44, the Division was initially employed in a holding role in the mountains to the left of Cassino, then in the area in front of Monte Belvedere before being quietly withdrawn to prepare for the start of the Fourth Battle on 11 May 44.

    4 Infantry Division then fought up the centre of Italy - Lake Trasimeno, Arezzo and then Florence before being shifted to the coast in readiness for the attack on the Gustav Line at Rimini in Sep 44. They had a major part in the breaking of the Gustav Line in support of the Canadians. After that, they were sent to Greece to fight Communists.

    Each Infantry Division had its own Anti Tank Regiment so wherever the Division went so did your grandfather.


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    Thanks for that info. We know he ended up in Rome, and had a weeks leave there as they had been so busy, but we don't think he went to Greece. Nice to have a few more place names to add to his war history.
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    I have the War Diaries for 14 AT Regt for December 1944 and January 1945.

    If you want a copy, send me your email address using the forums private conversation tool (inbox).

    Hope this helps

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