1474398 Tpr A. T. Dearing RA & Tank Regt. - Efficiency Medal

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    Hi All,

    Have discovered that my Uncle Arthur served with both the Artillery and the Tank Regt.

    I saw that his Efficiency Medal was sold by Bosley's of Marlow in 2017 ... is there anyway of finding out where it went? Can I contact the Auctioneer to see what area it went to?

    Would love to track it down or see if this post reaches anyone on here who may have it.



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    Some auction houses and dealers will send on such a request to the previous buyer and then leave it to him or her to respond if they so wish, so it is worth a go. I did exactly this back in June, when I failed to win a WW1 British War medal at auction, but already held the Victory Medal in my collection. I then contacted the auction house and eventually sold the Victory Medal to the gentleman who had the BWM.

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