146th Royal Armoured Corps

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  1. I am new to this forum but I am really hoping someone can help in my quest ...

    I am a member of the Portsmouth Model Boat Display Team - Armoured Division ... we are try to put together a 1/16 scale diorama to honour Com. Sir Tom Moore, I have managed to persuade a company to sponsor the M3 Tank which Sir Tom would have been around in his time with the 9th Duke of Wellington Regiment, the tank has been painted to a very high standard but it is lacking in Number/Sqn information the tank I have in mind already has a bit of history.. M3 Lee ‘Ave A Duffy’ A Sqn /4 troop leader Commanded by Gordon Buckley but no other information...
    Number, crew details etc would be very very welcome.... I await in anticipation ...
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    Hi David,
    For AVE A DUFFY i have T24396. Sadly no other crew details so far.


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  3. Dear Kevin,
    Never mind, the number was what was needed.... many many thanks

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  4. Good evening Michel,
    I wish I had joined this forum donkeys years ago, a thousand thank youse... that book is pure magic, thank you..
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    A squadron on Ramree.
    IMG_5535.jpg IMG_5536.jpg

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