145827V WJ Myburgh, 6 S.A. Bde., Sig. Coy., South African Corps of Signals: 21/6/1944

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  1. Good morning! Did you manage to find anything re the Shooting of Prisoners of War at Maratta?
  2. Signaller WJ Myburgh

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    I have put in a request to the National Archives for the number of pages in the document to be checked. This is now the way forward for all copying requests made to them. I won't hear back from them until December. I know this is frustrating but at least it is possible to get hold of the document. We will just have to be patient.

    I have said that in any case I would like a copy of the first 20 pages. This is a complete shot in the dark as there is no way of knowing who the victims of the crime were until I get them.

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  4. Thank you - Patience then!!
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  5. Good morning from a warm and sunny South Africa! I managed to obtain the military records of Willem Myburgh! Although limited, there is a note on his file pertaining to his death - he did indeed died while being with the Partisans. I hope your search will reveal more information. I am now on the hunt for his medals! Capture.JPG
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    Today the War Crime file arrived - he wasn't the person concerned.

    Usually, if a serviceman was killed whilst fighting with the partisans he was not considered to have been the victim of a war cirme.
    The crime in the report took place some distance away at a place called Mareto and involved 7 unknown/unnamed British officers, who have not been traced, as all the documentation referring to the crime was destroyed.

    There is still time to amend the book's proofs, so I will say that he was fighting with the partisans when he died. The group would have been the one mentioned in my earlier post.

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  7. Thank you - I only saw your remark after replying to the other message you send. Please let me know once your book is available.
    Kind regards
  8. I am trying to make sense of Willem's military records. The records indicated Camp 41 as the place where he landed up first. I saw somewhere that POWs were moved from this camp to Camp 49 in March 1943. I cannot find a lot of information on Camp 41. Do the Italian archives not carry records of these POWs and their movement...so many questions without answer!


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