145 (Berks Yeo) Field Regiment R.A.

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    Thanks Idler - I've seen the site before but I must check out the link to "Division of tasks" which I'd not noticed.

    Hi Sheldrake, Thank for info. I would judge by your appointment title you are a gunner by profession. Did you know the late Colonel Will Townend RA, who was into battlefield tour lecturing among other things ?

    Philip Jobson's book is another to put on my "to get" list

    Regard to you both

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    I though people might like to read a letter written by the Bty Captain of 509 Battery in Java December 1945.

    This has been newly digitised from our archives

    Be you Berkshire ?

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    Assistance with armoured vehicle identification and vehicle markings

    I have just received the photo which was taken in the UK between 1940-44

    I have looked through my abbreviation and ORBAT notes and cannot find a vehicle H4. Can anyone suggest what this might be. Something Bty HQ perhaps. Command Post ? OP ?

    I know the H truck was part of the BC's party usually 15cwt FFW with the CPO 2no CPO ack & 2no dvr-ops

    Also what is the vehicle. In the spring of 1941 61 Infantry Division was chosen to be on of the three assault divisions for OVERLORD (de-selected in late 1943 and remained "home forces") While as assault div the regt was issued Covenanter tanks for use as armoured OPs. Is this on of these ?


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    Well, it's not a Covenanter and it is almost certainly a 4x4 gun tractor. The rails on the roof suggest a Guy Quad Ant 4x4 FAT, but that's based on a couple of photos and not much expertise...
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    Some Morris Quads had roof rails too! I reckon H4 are the first two digits of the census number of the Quad - tractors had numbers starting H. I would suggest that the pic was taken in 1940 or 41; wearing of respirators was unusual after that.

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    Thanks Idler and Chris for ideas

    I'm not sure when the Regt got Quads. All original kit went to the Bucks Yeo when regiment split and Berks became Second Line
    They got 25 pdrs issued in Spring 1941 previously having 18 pdrs 4.5 howitzers and French 75 but don't know what towed these.

    The census number - do you mean registration or the vehicle role identifier. For example in RA Field Regt "M2" was a 15-cwt used by Bty signallers.


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