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    Being very lazy here by asking forum members if they have any info on 144 (South Midlands) Field Ambulance, a TA unit raised in Bristol. I am hoping to get to the NAS next week but in the meantime, I think they were with the 48th Div and went to France in 1940. Other than that, did they stay as a training unit for the rest of the war?

    Many thanks for any help you can give me, or any advice on where to look on the net.

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    Hi Elaine

    Here's the National Archives war diary refs for the unit up to Jan 1944. Not sure why it stops there unless its the TNA referencing system. I can't find a 4th diary to cover the rest of the war.

    WO 177/725 144 Field Ambulance 1939 Sept.- 1940 Dec.
    WO 177/726 144 Field Ambulance 1941 Jan.- Dec.
    WO 177/727 144 Field Ambulance 1942 Jan.- 1944 Jan.

    144 FA were indeed with 48 Div in 1940. As of the 10th May 1940 the units establishment was slightly under strength with 12 Officers and 209 Other Ranks.

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    Thanks Andy. I have a feeling they were disbanded as they pop up as the Para Fd Amb in London after the war and no longer associated with the West Country, or Bristol, to be precise. Hopefully the NAs will tell me. Thanks for the references.


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