140th field regiment

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    Yes that is him, thank you.
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    His death was reported on Casualty list No 1094 dated 27 Mar 1943

    North Africa, Killed in action
    910703 McBREARTY Gnr J 140 Fd Rgt 8.3.43

    His RA Attestation:
    McBrearty2 .jpg

    His RA Casualty card:
    McBrearty 1.jpg
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    Best place to start is the 367 War Diaries which include a lot of names plus a book Cassel & Hazebrook 1940 by Jerry Murland just published. Could I ask if you are researching a relative as I have done quite a bit of research on my uncle Arthur who died at Cassel
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    The 140th war diaries are available at Kew and a new book by Jerry Murland - Cassel & Hazebrouck 1940 has a lot of info. He uses war diaries from all the regiments that fought at Cassel. My uncle Arthur was in F Battery of 367 Rgt. and was killed in the last few days. Could I ask if you have a relative involved? Bauer
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    Apologies for the double reply - I'm just learning the system Bazer
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    Wonder if anyone can help. I am trying to contact any relative of Lt. Col. Brooks, author of the book Grand Party as, with their permission, I would like to include some conversations from it in a book I am finishing which describes the story of 366 & 367 Batteries during the war. Any help in finding them would be welcomed. I will put this post in another general area as well. Barry
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    I've also researched the 140th Regiment. My Father was a Lance Bombardier in 367 Battery and captured on 31st May 1940 in Belgium. He then spent the remainder of the war in Lamsdorf Stalag 8B. As a tribute to him, and the 140th Regiment, I've posted his story on the web. 140th (5th London) Army Field Regiment, Royal Artillery – Their story between the 10th and 31st May 1940

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