14 June 1982

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    British re-take the Falkland Islands :poppy:

  2. Drew5233

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    BBC ON THIS DAY | 14 | 1982: Ceasefire agreed in Falklands

    I can remember like it was yesterday seeing the Company Commander of Gurhka's looking over Stanley from one of the hills in his 'deputy dog hat' and getting a message on the radio followed by him saying they are getting reports of white flags flying over Stanley and the imortal line that will stay with me forever 'bloody marvellous' !

    A proud day indeed for the British military.
  3. Paul Reed

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    Yes, incredible to think it was nearly 30 years ago. Now I feel old.

    Didn't know you were Down South, Andy.
  4. Drew5233

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    I wasn't there (I thought you ment London at first)....I remember seeing it on the news Paul.

    They were on a ridge with Brian H. and they had just had some artillery rounds explode infront of them as they advanced onto the ridge.

    After the Major told the Gurhka's they all looked rather dejected as they realised they weren't going to fight.

    Just found this and made me laugh:

    Sergeant-major: "What is that you're wearing Nowacks?"

    Nowacks: "It's a bra, sir."

    Sergeant-major: "And may I ask lad, why you are wearing a bra?"

    Nowaks: "Sir, it's my girlfriend's and she told me I had to wear it to remind me what I'm fighting for."

    Sergeant-major: "Too bloody right, lad, and when this show's over they'll pin a medal on that blooming bra of yours."

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  5. Paul Reed

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    Ah, okay.

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