14 Amplifier Unit, Belsen, 1945.

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    I`m looking for info on the above units vehicles as I`m planning a model of the arrival at the gates of Belsen of the SAS, 63 AT Regt RA and 14 Amplifier Unit.

    I would like to know what vehicles and the markings carried by 14 A. U. if any one can help.
    So far my internet searches are proving to be fruitless.

    Many thanks in advance for any assistance and thanks for looking even if you are unable to help.


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    I am pretty sure that this has been asked before. Try entering 'amplifier' in the search box.

    If not I will see what I can find.

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    Thank you for replying.
    I have found a few threads and mentions but none that provide the info I am seeking.
    The closest just mentioned an Amplifier Van but not a type or description.
    The search goes on.
    Again thank you.

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    21 Army Group had five amplifier units for the NW Europe campaign. Each unit comprised an officer or senior NCO and 3 or 4 ORs.

    At the beginning of the campaign, each amplifier unit had an Austin K2 ambulance converted by the fitting of plywood side panels and a metal roof, and with provision to mount up to 10 loudspeakers on the roof (or stuck in a convenient tree). I'm not sure about the interior but presumably the stretcher racks were removed, storage for the speakers fitted, appropriate electrical gear installed and seating provided for the crew.

    The K2s were replaced by better protected White scout cars and I believe that 14 Amplifier Unit had a White at Belsen.


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    As this thread was first started 7 years ago my help might be a tad late. However, if you put 'A70 303-3' into a search engine you will find an IWM site which has online film taken on the day of Belsen's liberation. From 01:10 to 01:30 there is a good shot of a 14 AU White armoured car with speakers.

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