13th Primary Training Corps.

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    Hi. I have just received my father's army service record relating to his service during the second world war. I am trying to interpret some of the information and abbreviations listed on the photocopied documents. His service started on 18th Feb 1943 when he was 18 and he was sent to the 13th Primary Training Corps and then onto the REME. Would anyone be able to tell where the 13th PTC was based, as it is not mentioned in the documentation? Thanks.
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    Have you tried searching for 13 Primary Training Centre? The PTCs were not Corps and often just used the number, ie 6 Primary Training Centre.


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    Might be an idea to scan some of the relevant pages for all to assist but to find a particular Training Centre will only come from someone who was also there - all we know at this time is that he joined in Feb '43 so his service number would be in the region of 144***** to the General Service Corps and he was for the first six week in training to Salute - March - fire a gun etc then tested and was found to be suitable for the REME - so from there - where did he go ....?

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    Many thanks for the replies. I have tried searching on the internet but no luck there. I may try sending the documents up to the REME museum. I believe they have a member of staff there that will interpret them for a small cost.
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    I've just learned something: PTC was officially Primary Training Corps, though 'Centre' is used in some histories.

    PTWs - Primary Training Wings - were linked to Infantry Training Centres. This might suggests that PTCs were based on Corps' depots, but is nowhere near confirmed at this point in time!
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    Yes his number did start 1454----etc. From 13th PTC he appeared to go to the REME workshops at Donnington where he passed his trade test. From there to 46th infantry Bde REME workshops. On 8th June 1944 admitted to Withdean Hall in Brighton ready for embarkation on 27 June.
    Yes, I believe you are right. Cetre was sometimes used instead of Corps.
    I must try and find out what all the abbreviations mean although I did get a few definitions of some of them from the MOD.

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