13th Home Defence Battalion

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    Hi guys,

    I was wondering if anyone had any information on this battalion? I have done all the usual stuff, google searches and a visit to the Durham Archives etc but there does not seem to be much around.

    I would love to find some photographs.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction.

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    Welcome this help. In September 1940 the 13th Battalion gave birth to another, the 2nd/13th, and was itself renamed the 1st/13th (Home Defence) Battalion, Durham Light Infantry. However the 2nd/13th was renamed the 18th Battalion in December 1940 and the 1st/13th then reverted to the 13th Battalion once again. Rowlands Gill and the North-East 1939-1945 - The Home Guard Also ref to them here. Ref: D/DLI 7/947/10
    Receipts for stores issued to 1/13th Home Defence Battalion The Durham Light Infantry, and 'A' Company, 25 November 1940 and 13 November 1941
    (2 papers) http://www.durhamrecordoffice.org.uk/Pages/AdvancedSearchCatalogueDetail.aspx?SearchType=Param&SearchID=35d994fe-caa4-43f8-9d5c-39cbd68a24a6&ItemID=165140#ref621239
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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I have seen that Rowlands Gill article on the web, to be honest it was one of the things that caught my interest.

    The DLI archives have a pretty interesting folder on the 13th, 19th and 30th Battalions.

    Interestingly, In August 1939 when the Army was enlisting and embodying men into these battalions the War Office intially told the Durham TA association to supply uniforms from stores, an order countermanded a few days later as the WO decided to issue new battledress instead.

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