138 Sqn operation codes

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    As the title suggests , is there anyway of understanding the mission codes used by 138 Sqn. Roach# , Physician# and Scientist# seem to appear frequently on the list I have others less so. Or are they just randomly generated and don't specify a location/person/mission type.
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    SOE F Section networks - Wikipedia

    Check down the right hand side - not sure about Roach but the others are SOE Regions/Circuits in France


    The Escape Line: He Flew Back By Lysander
    Sergeant John Tweed took off from RAF Tempsford at 22.35 on 12 May 1943 in an eight man crew on board Halifax BB313 NF-M. Operation Roach which included supplies drops to the French Resistance was another SOE mission for RAF 138 (Special Duties Squadron).
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