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  1. Phillip Westwood

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    My Dad CSM Frederick George Westwood was an ambulance driver in the RASC attached to 130 Field Ambulance from March 1943 to May 1944. I have downloaded the war diaries from the site and have seen him on duty many times as orderly officer. He told my mum that he went over to France D day plus 6 and that he went into Belsen. He shows on the list of people in the 130 and I have noticed two other names on the list mentioned Mr Wormley and Mr Mariano. Can anyone suggest how to find more detail. Thanks
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    Who was he attached to when he landed ob D +6 - it would be necessary to know what units he was attached to and this can only be found on his offcial service record
    Do you have his service records - to apply for them the forms can be dowloaded from here Request records of deceased service personnel

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  4. Phillip Westwood

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    Thanks I do have them and will check.

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