12th Fd Regt HAC RA movements and service record notations

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    Hi, First post so apologies for any forum rule breaches, be kind!
    I'm trying to understand my Grandfathers service record and fill in between the lines with any war diaries or other material to help understand where he was and what he did. I should say I have no real undertaning of how the military structures itself or operates so its all been on the job learning so far.

    I've attached his B103 which I have managed to decipher some of but still drawing some blanks and would really appreciate any help you all can provide - and any corrections where I'e already gone wrong.

    Record shows he joined as a Gunner RA 12th Fd Regt HAC RA and depolyed to North Africa. I think the boat was hit in transit and he suffered a leg wound so immediately transferred to 95 gen hospital (tracked this to be in Algiers) then to two subsequent convalescence deptots (8 then 9)

    Posted to what I think is General reconn temporary duties (GRTD) then it gets really hazy..

    Interposted to 2 AA dft reg RA - Is this him being retrained to an Anti Aircraft unit??
    Awarded Africa star

    From looking around at other content I believe the unit moves to Italy (he's awarded the italy star) but it's not clear to me.

    Are the M.E. references to bases in the Middle East?
    Att 576 S.S.D. RAOC - no idea what this is??
    L I A P A B 520 again cant find anything to help e with this

    Also does anyone know how/where I can find which battery he would have been in? Happy to up load all service docs if this would help?

    thanks in advance!

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    so double checked and found RAOC and LIAP but still not a lot of sense...

    Att 576 S.S.D. RAOC (Roya Army Ordanance Corps) - no idea what this is??
    LIAP (Leave In Addition to Python) AB 520

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