124485 John Stapleton GWATKIN, MiD, Welsh Guards

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    Personal Number: 124485
    Rank: Second Lieutenant
    Name: John Stapleton GWATKIN, MiD
    Unit: Welsh Guards

    London Gazette : 2 April 1940
    The undermentioned Cadets, from Sandhurst and 163rd Officer Cadet Training Units, to be 2nd Lts. 23rd Mar. 1940:—
    W. G'ds.
    John Stapleton GWATKIN (124485).

    London Gazette : 8 November 1945
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished service in North-West Europe: —
    W. G'ds.
    Capt. (temp.) J. S. GWATKIN (124485).
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