123 LAA Regt, RA - 22 September 1944

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  1. Pieter F

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    But this is still very interesting information. Would be interesting when we could find out who the three casualties of 23 september were.
  2. John Brooking

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    I looked on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site, searching for any Royal Artillery men killed on 23 September but there weren't any. Perhaps the three were injured, not killed, since 'casualty' cover both.
  3. Philip Reinders

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    Wd mentioned 3 wounded of 405 Battery on that day
  4. JReynolds_NZ

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    Hi there,
    Sorry to revive this old thread, however it looks to be exactly what I'm looking for. I'm researching my grandfather George Richard Reynolds and I noticed the Peiter F was looking to find out what happend to him as well as others from the 123rd. I have found online a diary which mentions a Sgt Tubby Reynolds from No. 5 gun being killed on the 22nd, which matches up with other record I have. Does anyone have any knowledge of this? Next year marks 70 years and my dads 72nd birthday and it would be great to be able to give him some insight as to his father whom I don't think he'd ever met (having being born in Nov '42).

    Josh Reynolds..
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    From CWGC




    Service No:


    Date of Death:





    Royal Artillery

    123 (6th Bn. The City of London Regt.) Lt. A.A. Regt.

    Grave Reference

    II. F. 5.



    Additional Information:
    Son of Charles and Ada Reynolds; husband of Margaret Joyce Reynolds, of Feltham, Middlesex.
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    Thanks Tricky Dicky, Dad when to Milsbeek earlier this year, he was impressed as to how well looked after the graves are. From what I can see George was in the 408th Battery and possibly No 5 gun. I thought that there might be a slight chance that someone would have a photo of the unit or similar. Pretty hard tracking this down after all these years!
  7. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member

    Hi Josh

    Others from the forum will possibly have more info that relates directly to your needs, with Xmas and New Year it will be a little quieter than normal on the site - patience is a virtue

  8. ramacal

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    Now I am back home after the Xmas break, I've checked again what I copied of the war diary including appendicies. Unfortunately there is nothing further I can add to this thread.
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    My father (who is in his 93rd year) is Sergeant Paddy Skilton, of 'A' Troop, 405 Battery, 123 LAA, 6th City of London Rifles. He knew Tubby Reynolds and says they were often together in the Sergeants Mess, that he was a real laugh and always ready to take the mickey. My father has also visited Tubby's grave in Holland.
    If you'd like to make contact, please do.

    Best Regards
  10. JReynolds_NZ

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    Thanks Celia, I have PM'd you. :)
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    Hello Josh Reynold (and others of course), great to hear your father visited Milsbeek. We are currently in the process writing a book of Remembrance for the men in Milsbeek and Ottersum. For some reason, and also we don't understand the men who fell on the 22nd of September (see thread above), also your Granddad is one of them. We are pleased to hear your father found it well kept, many thanks to the devoted gardeners.
    To help us, do you maybe have some background of your grandfather and/or maybe have a photo of him. Have a look at our website to see some information on the project: https://sites.google.com/site/rollofhonourmilsbeekottersum/home There will be an email address when you like to have more information about us.

    Celia, pleased to hear your father made it to Milsbeek too.

    When you have the intention of visiting this year too, please call on us, we are willing to assist.

    I will study the reports posted earlies, but if one of all of you have more information already filtered, please help me to guide me. (Philips, I am currently studying the artillery website, thanks for these major works!)

    Kind regards Paul ten Broeke
  12. jeffbubble

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    Information please on 123 RA OCTC, Battle Camp at Martindale Cumberland.
  13. Tullybrone

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    I think your best bet would be to start a new topic as I don't believe the unit you are interested in is one and the same as the unit subject of this topic.


    Steve Y
  14. jeffbubble

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  15. vulcansam

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    I think my Grandfather, Gunner Frank Ward, was one of the casualties on the 22nd September.

    I have obtained a copy of the war diary and he is mentioned in part c of the appendix as "OR whose return is particularly requested"

    By the time the diary was written he and eight others had been evacuated back to the uk.

    When I was young I had the impression he had been wounded on the push up to market garden.

    In later years this seemed to have changed to around Caen. There are no casualties reported in the diary when the unit was defending Caen.

    Granddad was very reluctant to talk about his war service and I never pushed the subject.

    When he was wounded his mate was killed next to him.

    When he would talk his mate was known only as "Lofty", I assume he is one of the men in Milsbeek.

    The war diary only mentions 3 OR wounded but there are a good twenty odd names in appendix c.

    The diary only has the incident on the 22nd with significant casualties.

    It could be that the story changed to Caen following the release of the bridge to far film. Granddads nephew was in charge of production on the film. The rest of the family were extremely proud that Terry had his name in lights but we never talked about the film when Granddad was about.

    It must have been quite a shock to the guys who seemed to have a fairly quiet war up until then to suddenly find themselves using their guns in an anti tank role. Reading the appendix it all looks very chaotic and traumatic.

    Granddad never did make it back to his regiment, he was discharged as unfit from the hospital in the uk.

    I'll visit Milsbeek at some point in the near future once the centenary commemorations in France are over.

    Sorry for the rambling post.

  16. Sorry to stir up an old thread however, I'm trying to find out about my great grandfather WO2 BSM Alfred Dishman, he was a member of 405 Bty and left after the war. I have a copy of the WD that I got from Kew but I have nothing that mentions him? He got an MID but I again no information what for, he was also wounded and came back to the UK for a short period.
    I am a current serving BSM within the RA and would really like to find as much information as possible to fill the gaps. my grandad, his son, has no idea of what he did or where he went as like many of his generation he did not speak of the war.

    kindest regards

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