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    Good Morning All,

    for some time I've been researching my father's wartime as a Para with 8th Battalion Parachute Regiment. He was wounded and captured on D-Day, then taken prisoner and went to the POW hospital in Rennes. He was liberated and repatriated (apparently by US Army units) on about the 5th August 1944, but from then until he was discovered in Smithdown Infirmary in Liverpool on 14th August. I have just got my hands on his Smithdown admission and discharge records, which to be honest just add more mystery about the missing time.

    He was in Basinstoke hospital prior to being transferred to Liverpool - did they receive repatriated wounded troops from somewhere like RAF Balkehill Farm?

    On discharge from Liverpool he was sent to "122 M.C.D." which I assume means Medical Convalescent Depot since I've found oblique references to the phrase on t'internet. However, I can find no reference to No. 122 MCD, it's location or any other similar institutions in 1944, but I assume it was RAMC. At some time later he returned to the Parachute Depot.

    Any help would be gratefully received.




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