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  1. Mavis Williams

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    Hi Everyone,
    Can anyone tell me what and where the above Regiment were on the 10th March 1943, when my soldier died please.
    Service Number 7912903
    Died 10/03/1945
    Aged 28
    11th Hussars Royal Armoured Corps

    Son of Thomas and Lily Boswell; husband of Olive Eileen Boswell, of Mancot Royal, Flintshire.

    I cannot seem to find much about them on that date, any help would be gratefully received. Kind regards,
  2. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    A quick Google of ''11th Hussars 1945''
    First result is their transcribed war diaries.
    War Diaries of The 11th Hussars, (Prince Albert's Own)
    Shows they were in North-West Europe in March 1945.
    I don't know why he is buried in Rome.
    As you put 1943 I thought at first he died as a POW but that was your typo as CWGC has his year of death as 1945.
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  3. Mavis Williams

    Mavis Williams Well-Known Member

    Apologies, yes, my Typo! Thank you Owen, at least I know where to look. Now as you say, the Regiment were no where near Rome, so another mystery! Much appreciated. Kind regards, Mavis
  4. Tricky Dicky

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    Italy, Find A Grave Index, 1800s-Current
    Name: Trpr Thomas Hubert Boswell
    Death Date: 10 Mar 1945
    Cemetery: Rome War Cemetery
    Burial or Cremation Place: Rome, Città Metropolitana di Roma Capitale, Lazio, Italy
    Has Bio?: N
    URL: https://www.findagrave.com/mem...

    UK, Army Roll of Honour, 1939-1945
    Name: Thomas Boswell
    Given Initials: T H
    Rank: Trooper
    Death Date: 10 Mar 1945
    Number: 7912903
    Birth Place: Flintshire
    Residence: Flintshire
    Branch at Enlistment: Royal Armoured Corps
    Theatre of War: Italy
    Regiment at Death: 11th, Hussars (Prince Albert's Own) RAC
    Branch at Death: Royal Armoured Corps

    England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations)
    Name: Thomas Hubert Boswell
    Death Date: 10 Mar 1945
    Death Place: Flintshire, Wales
    Probate Date: 10 Dec 1945
    Registry: Bangor

    England & Wales, Civil Registration Marriage Index, 1916-2005
    Name: Thomas H Boswell
    Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1940
    Registration district: Hawarden
    Inferred County: Flintshire
    Spouse: Olive E Donnell
    Volume Number: 11b
    Page Number: 821

    Thomas Hubert Boswell
    Birth: 1915 - Flintshire, Wales
    Death: 10 Mar 1945 - Italy
    Marriage: 1940 - Hawarden, Flintshire, Wales
    Spouse: Olive Eileen Donnell
    F: Tom Boswell
    M: Lily Bennett

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  5. Mavis Williams

    Mavis Williams Well-Known Member

    Thank you TD, as usual you are so kind with your research. Many thanks. Mavis
  6. Tricky Dicky

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    Its backghround info thats not difficult to find, however it doesnt explain why he died in Rome when the rest of the Regt were in Germany, the only thing I can think was perhaps he was hospitalised and never made it home

    It looks from mu sources thet they had no childrenn and that Thomas was an only son

  7. Mavis Williams

    Mavis Williams Well-Known Member

    Yes I agree, or was he a POW perhaps as the website 11th Hussars - Wikipedia states in an excerpt from The 2nd World War - Quote - "The regiment took part in the Allied invasion of Italy in September 1943 and, after the Normandy landings in June 1944, took part in the North-West Europe Campaign." So I was wondering if perhaps that was where he was captured??? I don't know it's just a shot in the dark. Regards, Mavis
  8. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    according to the internet so likely he was transported back to Italy and died of wounds or illness at the later date

    captured, along with 33,000 others, when Tobruk fell to Rommel’s latest attack. The Germans handed them over to the Italians to deal with. It took time for the Italians to organise facilities for them and to find transport to take them back to Italy. When the ship did arrive it was very basic:
    8th July 1942: Shipped out of Tobruk as a PoW

    11th Hussars (Prince Alberts Own) in the Second World War 1939-1945 - The Wartime Memories Project -
  9. Mavis Williams

    Mavis Williams Well-Known Member

    Thanks CL1 for this, it was just a thought but could very well be what happened. It would explain why he was buried in Rome and his Regiment on that day were in the Netherlands. Thanks again for the links. Regards, Mavis
  10. Guy Hudson

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    The casualtty list states that he died. It would suggest an illness, he doesn't appear to have been wounded.

    Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 22.55.25.png
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  11. Mavis Williams

    Mavis Williams Well-Known Member

    Thank you Guy, I think that perhaps that what happened, but am still wondering why he is not on numerous Casualty lists as a POW or missing, then a POW, although at the top of that Casualty Form there is "Previously reported missing now reported Prisoner of War in German Hands Location Unknown." Now my instinct tells me that that refers to the soldier immediately beneath and so on, so not Thomas Boswell. Thank you for your input, Kind regards, Mavis

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