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    Looking for the UK location of the Battalion June-November 1941. Was it at Barton Stacey?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    I now believe its location was 'B' Camp, Barton Stacey - can someone confirm this?
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    Hi - Is there a war diary for this unit as my father in law was attached to them between 15th December 1939 until the 8th July 1942 when he was posted to 2 SAS and took part in Operation Jonquil.
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    My father, (then Sgt.) Bernard Pegum, was posted to 1st C.W.T.B.R.E., at Winterbourne Dauntsey, on 25 June 1940. In August and September 1941 he attended chemical warfare training courses with 11th at Barton Stacey, before being transferred there to join the 11th in December, 1941. I think this shows that the 11th were, indeed, at Barton Stacey during the time referred to.

    He kept the flag shown below, and was not in any other unit with the figure 11 in its name. Can anyone confirm that this could be the flag of the battalion?

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    This is the sleeve badge of the Chemical Warfare units, in the I.W.M collection.* I think that it was my father's, as he sent one in to the I.W.M. when I noticed, many years ago, that they had only a paper replica on display.

    He told me that the green stripe represented chlorine and the yellow, mustard gas. I can't remember what the red stripe represented; does anyone know?

    Also, can anyone confirm that the flag was that of 11th Battalion

    *badge, unit, Chemical Warfare Groups Royal Engineers

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