11th Army Tank Regiment, The Ontario Regiment - 1 july 1944

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  1. Hallo,

    do you have information about The Ontario Regiment in 1st july 1944?
    They stay in Trasimeno Line. I'm searcing a war diary page. :)

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    Can you give me any more information to help search.??

    I have a copy of

    1939 - 1945
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  4. Temujin

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  5. Many thanks! I'm stretching info about O. H. Hopkins. Thanks!! :) Those pages are perfect!
  6. Richelieu

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    The War Diary mentions Hopkins death but adds little to the account above Daniele.
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    Hello Daniele,

    What is your specific interest in O.H.Hopkins? He is buried in Assisi War Cemetery and here is the concentration form.


    You will see he was concentrated into Assisi War Cemetery from map reference 323018 which is on the Montepulciano Sheet:

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  8. Fred Dehmel

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    Hello Daniele,

    My uncle Trooper Dehmel was killed with O. Hopkins on July 1, 1944. I have both their records, plus their Capt and Trooper Foreman. Is there anything I can help you with? Or maybe you have information I do not have. I look forward to hearing from you. They were originally buried near where they were killed and later moved to Assisi.

    Fred Dehmel
  9. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target 25 pdrs 67th Field Regt Bou Ficha Tunisia 1943

    Are we talking about the same Regt: 11 CAR whose 9 Troop under Lt Black was at Monte Grande November/December 1944. Is there anyone who is related to him who would like to get in touch.

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