11th Armoured Division and the Crossing of the Weser, Leine and Aller - April 1945

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    The 170 TD was built at Helstorf as something of an emergency measure to give 11th Armoured Division its own bridge rather than its units having to divert south to use one at Neustadt or the undamaged one even further south at Bordenau, which were being used by 6th Airborne Division and, in the case of Bordenau, the US Army. The Helstorf bridge was built round the clock by sappers alternating from 612 and 13 Field Squadrons. Construction started at 1600 hours on Monday 9 April and finished the next day. The bridging effort was protected by 1 Cheshire. 147 was not a Field squadron but was the Field Park squadron in 11th Armoured; ie it was the provider of engineering equipment rather than the builder of bridges etc. The original intention was to build a Bailey pontoon (a much faster proposition) at Helstorf but such was the demand on Bailey pontoon equipment it was decided instead to build a Bailey bridge. A TD bridge was capable of taking the heaviest of loads and was, if memory serves me, Class 80.

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    Why would anyone want to sell such a fantastic read? :rolleyes:
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    To me it looks like a DT or a TT Bailey bridge ie Triple-Story bridge. They had to have the overhead-bracing. If it was a DT and 170 is its lenght in feet, its safe capacity was 50 tons IIUC.

    PS. I checked from The Royal Engineers Reconnaissance Pocket Book and its says DT 170 ft Class 40, so 40 tons. TT 180 ft 50 tons and 160 ft 60 tons.
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    Well, I imagine there will be some used copies on the market when your revised book is released :)
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    Spot on Juha. I have checked the 612 Fd Sqn diary and it confirms that its sappers and those of 13 Fd Sqn built a 170ft D/T bridge at Helstorf.

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