115 Squadron night raid 7-8/06/1944

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  1. pinuche0706

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    I am looking for ORBs Form 540 and 541 of 115 Squadron 7-8/06/1944, and any detail regarding this raid over France, photos, maps,...
  2. Peter Clare

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  3. pinuche0706

    pinuche0706 New Member

    Thank you.
    I know, but when searching for many Squadrons, every needing some files, the cost becomes too expansive. So, I expect to friends agreeing to share.
  4. Harry Ree

    Harry Ree Very Senior Member

    Just a small point about ORBs Form 540 covers No 115 Squadron while Form 541 covers the relevant RAF Station which in June 1944 and from November 1943 was Witchford,near Ely in Cambridgeshire.
  5. pinuche0706

    pinuche0706 New Member

    I am looking first for form 541 (operations carried out) which record crew by crew what I need, but there is some interesting information in Form 540 (summary) which record general information day by day and notably crew posting and dates. Obviously as I am looking specially for June, the Station is Witchford. Some other Squadrons involved that day were in the Cambridge area too, as 514 sqn Waterbeach, XV and 622 Sqn Mildenhall.

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