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  1. Richard Crawford

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    Trying to research my grandfathers movements after d-day
    808096 B.S.M Thomas Dale. Dont have any more info at the moment but any thing that could help would be most appreciated
  2. Tullybrone

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    Your starting point ought to be to apply to MOD for his service records via this link -

    Get a copy of military service records

    Although having said that if you use the forum search facility with “113 LAA” you will get a few hits that may give you some information.

    However if you’re just interested in the unit movements (you can’t be sure your relative was with the unit all the time without having sight of his service record) you could just obtain the unit War Diary.


    Forum Member Ramacal has uploaded the June - Dec 1944 WD here -

    113th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, The Royal Artillery. Following their journey through Europe

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  3. Mr Jinks

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    You may have a typo in his service number ? 808096 belongs to John Clifford Holmes? 1930 Enlistment?

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  4. Robert-w

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    I would endorse this comment - relying on the war diary alone can sometimes be highly misleading. I discovered this with a Great Uncle who served in WW1. I tracked where his battalion had been and what actions they had seen and thought that I had a handle on his experiences and then I got his officers service record and discovered that for a time he had been put in charge of a detachment that had been attached to a different unit in an adjacent theatre of war. Detachments for all sorts of reasons were I think even more common in WW2
  5. Richard Crawford

    Richard Crawford New Member

    appologies 818096
  6. Richard Crawford

    Richard Crawford New Member

    thanks for the help
  7. Mr Jinks

    Mr Jinks Bit of a Cad

    No problems. Heres the right docs;-
    From FMP

    First name(s) T W
    Last name Dale
    Service number 818096
    Rank WOII
    Regiment 113 LAA Regiment RA
    Service Royal Artillery
    Event year 1944
    Gazette date 15 Dec 1944
    Award Gallantry Cert.
    Theatre NW Europe
    Country Great Britain
    Schedule number 21 AGRO 65
    Medal type Royal Artillery Honours & Awards, 1886-2013
    Dataset Royal Artillery Honours & Awards
    Record set Britain, Campaign, Gallantry & Long Service Medals & Awards
    Category Military, armed forces & conflict
    Subcategory Medal Rolls and Honours

    1932 Enlistment

  8. Richard Crawford

    Richard Crawford New Member

    thats brilliant thanks for the info

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