113330 Francis Louis EGERTON, MC, 3 Welsh Guards

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    Name Egerton, Francis Louis
    Rank: Lieutenant, Temporary Captain
    Service No: 113330
    Regiment: 3 Battalion Welsh Guards
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Italy
    Award: Military Cross
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 07 December 1944
    Date 1944
    Catalogue reference WO 373/8

    1st Guards Brigade, 6th Armoured Division, 10 Corps
    113330 War Substantive Lieutenant, Temporary Captain Francis Louis EGERTON, 3rd Battalion WELSH GUARDS

    20 June 1944. 653958 Sheet 122/II, 1/50,000, ITALY.

    On 20th June Captain EGERTON was ordered to capture and hold Point 532, 653958 with No. 4 Company. This feature is very large and covered in scrub, and the enemy were on it in strength.

    Captain EGERTON brought his Company onto his objective and before he was able to build singers (digging was impossible) he was counter-attacked. Captain EGERTON consolidated his Company and during the night 20th / 21st June and day 21st June resisted enemy counter-attacks. Rations and water sent up during night 20th / 21st failed to reach him as the enemy had closed in round his flanks.

    By vigorous patrols and very aggressive action, he managed to stay on his objective. It was impossible to send a gunner O.P. up to him, so he himself directed the fire. Eventually on nigh 21st / 22nd June he was ordered to bring his Company off the feature owing to the difficulty of supply. Captain EGERTON's personal example and total disregard for his own safety in this hand to hand fighting in very difficult country was beyond praise, and resulted in his Company killing and wounding many of the enemy.

    Signed Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding 3rd Battalion WELSH GUARDS

    [Additional hand-written comment] Very strongly recommended. This Officer's conduct, quiet assurance and confidence complied with his leadership on the spot were invaluable and outstanding.

    Signed J.C. HAYDON, Brigadier, 1st Guards Brigade.

    Granted an Immediate M.C.

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    Personal Number: 113330
    Rank: Captain
    Name: Francis Louis EGERTON, MC
    Unit: Welsh Guards

    London Gazette : 16 January 1940
    The undermentioned Cadets, 165th Officer Cadet Training Unit, to be 2nd Lts.
    13th Jan. 1940:—
    W. G'ds.
    Francis Louis EGERTON (113330), Oxf. & Bucks. L.I.

    London Gazette : 7 December 1944
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Italy: —
    The Military Cross.
    Lieutenant (temporary Captain) Francis Louis Egerton (113330), Welsh Guards (London, S.W.7).
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