113/114 Battery, 33 Field Regiment November-December 1944

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    Do any RA enthusiasts happen to have access to the 33 Field Regiment War Diary or any other information covering the period for the end of November to early December 1944?

    Specifically I am trying to trace any reference to action involving Captain Henry Shearer Taylor of 113/114 Battery who was acting as FOO in support of 2 RUR when he was awarded his MC (see below), and in particular, any reference to the Signaller who was injured alongside him following a direct hit to their OP on the 29th November - links to associated post as below:

    Assistance with Tracing Casualty from 2 Royal Ulster Rifles 29 November 1944?

    I've found some summary details at 33 Field Regiment for January 1945 onwards but nothing prior to this.

    It has now become a bit of an obsession so if anyone has any details from 33 Field Regiment from around this time it would be greatly appreciated....

    Thanks in advance.

    Quis Separabit

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    Hello Quis Separabit.
    I have my father-in-law's original document number 60 of the attached War story. Please note a reference to Captain Taylor on page 40. Covers period "From D-Day to VE Day".
    I hope this helps?
    Best wishes,
    Martina's Desk

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  3. Quis Separabit

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    Many thanks for this, it helps to give a better idea of who was where at the time and shows that:
    • 113/114 Battery were in Oirlo at a time when
    • 2 RUR were Blitterswijck and
    • Captain Taylor's Forward Observation Post (circled below) was overlooking the Maas on to the main German positions
    • the 2 RUR advance referred to on the 29th November was on a small pocket of enemy left behind to the West of Blitterswijck (shown approximately on Google map below)
    Unfortunately no mention of the casualties sustained but should you come across anything like that then please let me know as I know a current resident of Blitterswijck who may have their trousers!

    If of any interst, you may find some further reference (at a high level) in the War Diary of 9th Infantry Brigade which I have published at

    9th British Infantry Brigade During World War 2

    and some occasional refererences to 33 Field Regiment within the 2 RUR Journal which has also been transcribed at:

    2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles in WW2: 29th to 30th November 1944 - Attack on Wanssum

    If at any point you scan the remainder of the document then I would be more than happy to add to the 9th Infantry Brigade website shown above which I plan to enhance with additional information/photos as time allows...

    Thanks again.

    Quis Separabit
  4. Martina's Desk

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    Thank you Quis Separabit. I am new to this and out of my depth. The account in full is 10.8MB. Too large to attach. Happy to share by email. Please advise. Regards,
  5. Quis Separabit

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    Thanks - have sent Private Message

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